Trapped by Gloom

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I just woke up one day,
Feeling not so great.
The sun was shining brightly,
And people around me lovely.
Yet I felt a piercing pain,
Deep in my heart,
Clouds of gloom took me in,
And trapped me in its maze.
My heart suddenly felt heavy,
Icy chills gripped me.

“What’s wrong?,” mommy asked me.
I’m said, “I’m sad, hug me.”
She had a worried look on her face,
“What happened,” she asked again and again.
I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t know why I was in pain.
So, I gave her a vibrant smile,
And told, “I love you mommy.”
Then, locked myself in the room,
And drowned in a pool of gloom.

My best-friend dropped by to say, “Hi.”
I told her I was sad and lonely.
She tried so hard to cheer me,
Even threw me a party.
All the happy people around,
Just made me wanna frown.
But I couldn’t let her down.
So, I faked a happy smile.
I danced, laughed, even joked,
With a heavy, stone-cold heart.

Why are you sad?
Why are you lonely?
I asked myself again and again.
Only answer was the numbing pain.
So, I made it a daily ritual,
To look into the mirror,
Five minutes of smile practice,
To get through another day.
Just didn’t have the strength,
To explain what I felt.

Not following the NaPoWriMo Prompt today. Why? Cause I can!! 🤪🤪

Featured image by: Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

48 thoughts on “Trapped by Gloom

  1. I am sure this is something which we all go through many times in our life. Rather than trying to get out of it, just feel the moment and you’ll effortlessly come out of it. ❤

    1. Thank you so much Kaylen. Just went through your poem. Take care and keep in mind that if you want to vent, I’m all ears. Much love. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much dear. While I’m happy that you could relate, I feel bad too. I really hope that the clouds of gloom stay away from you. Have a beautiful day/ night. Much love. 🤗😘❤️

  2. Shreya, beautiful poem you’ve shared with us….edible….as in relatable….sensational…acceptable….that not all the days are bright….even though sun is shining outside….sight of the eyes shows clearly….the inside of “the whole of me”….if one looks deeper closely…eyes are the mirror of “the core in me”….❤️

  3. This is a thing we all face some days in our lives…we get sad or kind of confused, and we struggle with our inner conflicts … what’s bothering us…and there is no answer..!!
    Beautifully written😊❣️
    Falling in love with your poetry 💞

  4. Really beautiful… have been there. So perfectly expressed! You’re such a kind and loving soul. The open heart is bound to be tender from time to time. Hugs and love and thanks for all the kindness you radiate around WP. xoxoxo 💛🔆

    1. Thank you so much Lia. Sending you back lots of hugs and love. Take care. I hope clouds of gloom stay away from you. 🤗❤️💕❣️😘😘😘

  5. really sometimes we fake our emotions so that people around us dont feel sad for us.. beautiful bud. 🌼🌼🌼, don’t be lonely… smiling really works

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