Shape of Home

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When I was a little girl, I used to draw a home,
Remotely in this shape, made up of bricks and wooden door.
For a long time, that was how I drew a home. After all, that’s what I was taught.
My home didn’t look like that, it didn’t matter to me though.
I was terrible at art and that was the easiest home to draw.
Strong building to shelter us, that’s what I thought home was.
But oh dear, I was so wrong. Home is where the heart is.
Not made up of just bricks and stones, forged by love instead.
Home is where family is. Home is where we feel the safest.
Home doesn’t always need to be a building; it could just be a warm embrace!

For NaPoWriMo Day 9. Poem in the shape of an object.

98 thoughts on “Shape of Home

  1. The home that full of love is the real home….It is not a home that made of bricks and stones…Thanks for sharing this words about home…much love,,,,

  2. Great work. Once I started a creative writing exercise borrowing an idea from a presentation I had seen previously by educators who specialized in cognitive psychology. Very simply, two people work quickly and collaboratively on one screen. If you are by yourself, this can work too, but use a stop watch of some kind. A short, finite time is essential for best results or you will start to self-criticize and freeze up. Students sat at desks with one piece of paper and one pen or pencil, but it could be achieved sharing a screen on line once that is set up with a timer. All ideas over two or three minutes at the most get recorded on the one same screen with no spell check or second guessing. This stage of creation is a cumulative stage. After the agreed upon time reaches stop, you can do various things to look over and refine your list, such as pick the best idea or group them into sub categories and so on. Then you can expand on them or write about them etc. One cue I gave my class was, “In 2 minutes, list as many unusual homes you can think of. Be daring and creative (I might throw out a few examples of unconventional ideas in this category such as: park bench, womb, cave, garage) and then I said “Ok…go”

    One other thing I can share. On my blog I wrote about igloos recently in a poem called “Igloo Love” which you might like to take a look at some time. Best regards.

  3. I agree dear poet.
    “Home is where family is. Home is where we feel the safest.
    Home doesn’t always need to be a building; it could just be a warm embrace!”
    A wonderful poem shared.

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