Quiet Mangalbazar

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Bikes honking and people chattering,
There weren’t any, it was mesmerizing.
The surreal beauty of Mangalbazar,
I was stunned, even amazed
It is a privilege, I must say,
Soaking in the glory of this mystique.
It was as if the fables had come to life,
Until I was hit by a heart sinking dread.
The last time I saw this place empty,
Earth was shaking, monuments were crumbling,
Life was a misery, 25th of April 2015
I like the silence, but Mangalbazar; it’s better crowded.
When this is all over, I’ll be here once again
Embracing the ever-so-crowded heart of the city! 

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      1. koi ni… duniya me jaha bhi ho… safe rho, Swastsh rho, Quarantine ko Ek alag trah se seekhte hue productive bnao, at least bore to Nhi hoga koi bhi.. with such sharing, caring and learning.

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