Take a KitKat break instead!


‘Can I light you a cigarette?’

‘Do you have a lighter?’

‘Can I borrow a cigarette?’

‘Let’s take a cigarette break!

It’s so common. Ice-breakers and networking among smokers are so much easier.

I can’t comprehend how it goes, you share a cigarette and suddenly you are best friends. Maybe I’m exaggerating but look around you. Two people who smoke together have so much better bond in a shorter span of time.

Yes, there are exceptions, and non-smokers are amazing friends. But it’s so much easier to network and build up a rapport when you’re a smoker. And that’s what I hate about it!

I’m a non-smoker. I have friends who smoke, and I have an amazing relationship with them. They are amazing human beings, and I adore them. The real problem arises in the work space where taking cigarette breaks are so common.

People go for cigarette breaks, have some discussion, finalize everything, crack up some ideas, and we the non-smoker are nowhere in the loop. Isn’t this isolation of non-smoker from important discussions awful?

So what do we do?

We go along the on the break, sometimes sipping coffee, sometimes standing idle and many a time catching the same habit. But do we have any options? Either we can go out along inhaling the toxic smoke exhaled, or we lag professionally.

I know we need breaks in between work. Things get hectic, the mind gets clutters and we need to clear it out. So, can we take a KitKat break instead? Or a coffee break? Or anything else that doesn’t affect the people around?

As much as I wish smoking in the workplace to be banned, I know it’s not possible. Many people are addicted to it, and most of them are trying to quit. It’s not easy to stop smoking. But wouldn’t it help if offices created an atmosphere where taking a smoking break isn’t a norm?

It’s going to be a slow, very slow change. But it’s gonna be worth it!

Let’s advocate for KitKat break instead!

Spread the message. Be the change!

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels