Strangling Curiosities

Poetry, Writer life

As I look into the deep blue sky

I wonder, why is that colour called blue?

Why not green? Why not red? Or any other name?

Who came up with that word?

We call our nose, ‘nose’

We call our mouth, ‘mouth’

But who came up with all these words?

How did the language system begin?

How are the rules of the world set?

How does everything happen?

Why don’t we have wings?

Are their mermaids in the ocean?

As I went on asking these

‘Don’t ask stupid things!’

That’s what people said

Strangling my curiosities.

Twinkling eyes full of wonders

Curious mind full of question

I went on and on

My curiosity knew no bound.

Even now I’ve got questions

I wonder time to time

But I simply brush them away

Strangling my curiosity.

Am I killing the kid in me,

By strangling my curiosity?

Is this how we grow old?

Or is it just me?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash