I know you from somewhere
You are someone I used to care
We both were a great pair
I always knew you were there
What we had was rare !!

Then I realized you have an affair
You thought I was okay to share
I couldn’t believe you could dare
Now all my eyes could do is tear!!


Thank you so much WildHeart for the space and trust you have given me!!

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Legalize Female Feticide


Female feticide,
Is indeed a heinous crime.

But I say, it should be legalized,
To prevent even greater crimes

Cause no parent deserve a daughter,
If they are willing to slaughter her,
And only this stopping them,
Is the country’s law.

It violates the woman’s right,
The control over her own body.
Fuck that discriminatory person’s right!
But what about the unwanted baby?

She could be given up for adoption,
And that would be humane.
Or she could be smothered to death,
By her own mother’s breast

She could be abused by her own father,
The one who’s supposed to protect her,
Or given up to a brothel,
In hope of earning a few morsel.

So, dear judges and whoever responsible,
You are not doing justice here.
Sentencing her to a life of misery,
Where she dies a million death, every single day!! 

Featured image by: S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Shhh… Don’t utter a word

Poetry, Writer life

Oh, dear little girl, it is dead unfair,
You were touched against your will,
Stripped off your self-esteem,
You are feeling dirty, vulnerable, weak,
And all you want to do is scream,
It’s justice that you need.
But shh… Don’t utter a word,
It’s you who will be questioned.
Oh, dear innocent one, it is dead unfair
You were raped by your dearest,
Someone you wouldn’t even suspect.
Your self-confidence, your trust, everything,
Lies shattered broken beaten and battered.
You want to hide, you want to cry,
You need the justice to be served.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
And get married to the man who raped you.

Oh, dear hopeless romantic, it is dead unfair,
Your husband is with another woman,
Showering all his love on her,
And all he gives you is abuse,
He values you lesser than a penny,
Yet you gotta be his dutiful wife and a nanny.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
Or homeless is what you will be.
Oh, dear little dreamer, it is dead unfair,
The love of your life, your career choice,
All of it, you have to sacrifice,
For a man you don’t even know,
The one that your society chose for you.
That’s your life from now on,
You loathe the choice, you don’t want that life.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
You’ll bring shame to the family.

Oh, dear ambitious woman, it is not fair,
After all sleepless night and strenuous days,
It’s your male counterpart that get the praise,
Along with a promotion and a raise.
And when you decided to ask why,
Your boss asked you to have sex.
Later, you were fired cause you denied,
Reason stated, you were slacking off.
But shh.. don’t utter a word
No one will ever believe you.
Dear women all over the world,
And all the responsible and wonderful men too,
You know what’s happening around you.
Don’t turn a blind eye, don’t engage in gossips,
Stand up for what’s right, give them voice.
Be that one person people can confide on,
Be the support people around you need.
Cause shh… don’t utter a word,
Is all they have heard.

Featured image by: Kat Jayne from Pexels

Monthly Trauma


Like scene from a horror movie,
Flow so bloody,
Monthly visits,
That almost kills.

I loathe it from my very core,
Makes me so sore,
It is torture,
A pure horror.

But if it forgets to say, “Hi!”
It shall imply,
Greater problems,
Bigger troubles.

My attempt at a Minute Poem. To know more about this form, read Brad’s Whittled Words – Minute Poem. Check out his other posts too, he’s simply awesome!!

Featured image by: Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Damsel in distress

Poetry, Writer life

Pretty little damsel in distress,
With beauty she was obsessed,
Would do anything to impress,
All she wanted to be, was a princess.
Never fighting her own to stress,
Forever a damsel in distress,
A pity seeking process,
To be rescued and turned to a princess.

Getting a prince would be her success,
Sought nothing more, nothing less.
Flaunting her breasts in her tiny dress,
Anything to catch a prince’s interest.
If you think this girl is a mess,
Blame the fairy tales!
From Cinderella to Snow White, all damsel in distress
Their success? To be a princess!

For NaPoWriMo – Day 3

Note: Girls are more than just pretty faces. They can grow up to be strong, powerful and independent women. Don’t nip their ferocity and voice with dumb fairy tales that portray women as docile and weak creatures who always need a man. Kudos to the new age fairy tales like Frozen, Brave and Moana!

Featured image by: Vương Nguyễn from Pixabay

Oh dear Agni

Poetry, Writer life

Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately?
Do you even exist?
Or are you just a myth? 

If you let Sita pass through you
Unscathed, unharmed, unburnt
Why don’t you serve your justice now?
Why let brides burn in a dowry row?

Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately?
Did you lose all your powers? 
All that you touch, you devour! 

If you could burn Holika to ashes
And let innocent Prahlad survive
Why don’t you do the same now?
Burn the evil, let the innocents live. 

Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately ?
Please serve your justice
World needs you now, more than ever! 


This poem is not written to hurt any religious beliefs. As a girl who grew up hearing the tales and fables of Gods and Goddess, I often drift into a magical world where these divine powers solve all the issues.

For those who don’t know: Agni is the God of fire, according to Hindu Mythology.

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A woman must be…

It’s Woman’s Day Again!

Writer life

Ah! It’s here again. Woman’s day. Out of a whole 365 day year, let’s say 366 this year, here’s one day dedicated to women.

It’s one day where people talk about women’s rights, how awesome women are, speeches about respecting women are given, sister, mothers, wives and beloveds are praised, women are portrayed as the embodiment of love and kindness, all is done to make a woman feel special.

But then, that’s just one day. What happens after that day? It’s all forgotten.

The brands that come up with awesome women’s day campaign (that run for a day, a week, or sometimes even a month), go back to the same routine where women are paid lesser than men, men are given more priority in recruitment and violence against women in workplace is overlooked. The men (not all) who posted women’s day about celebrating and respecting women, go back to eve-teasing, name calling, molesting and even rape. The politicians who made promises for equal rights go back to suppressing crimes against women.

It is estimated that approximately 35% of women worldwide have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. In the majority of countries that have data available on rape report that less than 40% of women who experience sexual violence seek help. Less than 10% seek help from law enforcement.

Rape Statistics By Country Population. (2020-02-22). Retrieved 2020-03-02, from

22% of C-suite executives are women. Women make up 48% of entry-level employees, but their share dips to 38% at the manager level and continues to decrease higher up you look. 64% of women face microaggression at work.

35% of women have been sexually harassed. It’s even higher for women in senior leadership roles (55%), lesbian women (48%), and women in technical field (45%).

7 striking facts about the state of women in the workplace by The Muse. Retrieved 2020-03-02, from

Woman’s day changes nothing. It’s just another opportunity for brands to market their products, show off fake humility in social media and make void promises. Nothing done in Woman’s Day counts if the things promised and feelings expressed are not carried out throughout the year.

So, don’t, please don’t go wishing the women in your life, taking out rallies, raising slogans and whatever else you do; if you’re not going to love and respect women around you rest of the days. It’s cringe-worthy if you do all those for one day, the disrespect women all year round.

Happy Woman’s Day
Celebrate and respect the woman around you, everyday!

The same goes with men’s day, democracy day, earth day, children’s day, and so on…

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A woman must be…

Featured image by: ALBERTO FABREGAS from Pixabay


Poetry, Writer life

In fairy tales she lived,
Magic, she chased
She was just a girl,
Who refused to grow up.  

Love was pious
Saved it, for her perfect one
Someone meant just for her
Someone she was meant for.  

Naive little girl
She fell in love.
She was all his
And he was only her.

Only to be deserted by her beloved
Her fragile heart, broken to pieces
She cried for days and questioned faith
Pretty little girl, she had to move on.

It’s wasn’t easy for her,
To once again trust or believe,
But she convinced herself,
To believe in fairy tales once again.

Then came an angle,
Who swooped her off her feet
Mended her broken her
Reignited the magic within.

Alas! But who would have suspected
Their castle would burn to ashes.
Hating each other, they parted ways
Pretty little girl, broken once again.

Then the cycle began
She fell in love, fell out of love
Until she was tired of it
Until there was no magic in it.

With no faith in love
She resorted to meaningless fling
Tried not to get attached
To protect her fragile heart.

That’s how she got a new reputation,
Pretty naive girl turned to slut!
But she has a question in her mind
Why are men never called that name?!

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Featured image by: Meg on Unsplash