Tech & Me


Techy is tricky.
I really hate it!
But we have this weird bond,
That has me stunned.

My first magazine article,
By some weird miracle,
Was Cannon camera comparison,
My editor’s decision.

Then I quit the magazine,
And did something surprising.
I became a tech journalist,
And I’m just starting the list.

I found tech super perplexing,
So, I dived into digital marketing.
iFFALCON, TCL, Alcatel,
Were the brands I handled.

I got a fair share of other stuff;
Food was fun, cosmetics rough.
Believe me, I enjoyed them all,
It the opposite of dull.

Looking for something more challenging,
I dived into mainstream advertising.
I got Ncell, and Samsung too,
Writing for them was super cool.

Now, I do some freelancing,
Again tech is what I’m writing.
I doing lifestyle stuff too,
But tech never says adieu.

So, dear tricky tech,
My hate for you is fake.
I really adore you,
I know you love me too.

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Featured imaged by: Ali Pazani from Pexels