10 of My Favorite Feelings

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Favorite feelings? you ask.
Oh, that’s a difficult task.
But, well lets play along,
The game of tag is on!

I shall start with cherished,
That feeling is such a bliss.
Like when Anurika tagged me,
Or when you guys nominate me.
It’s such a beautiful feeling,
Thank you for acknowledging me.

Then, I shall move on to anger,
For real, this is not a humor.
Pumps up my adrenaline,
And my push ups go doubling.
Don’t ask me the number though.
My fitness is abysmal, so.

Then, let me move on to grief,
From where, the deepest pain spill.
That dreaded heart-wrenching feeling,
Believe me, they are inspiring.
They help my words flow,
In my poetry, they glow.

Then, comes my dearest, happiness,
Never feeling it would be a mess.
Joy, glee, excitement, what not…
Give it any name you want.
It’s the best of feelings,
A cure to all ailing.

Now, I call upon envy,
That not so nice feeling.
But, it could a motivation,
Your greatest resolution.
To ameliorate each day,
And build your own name.

Now, let’s move on to love,
From where every problem evolve.
Yet, I love this feeling,
Blindly, and unconditionally loving.
Ah, yes, I’m a hopeless romantic,
Always so very optimistic.

Now, I’m feeling laziness,
Too tired to reach number ten.
Well, I don’t like this feeling,
It’s so demotivating.
But, to this feeling, I shall give in
And here I rest my writing.

Oh, should I be tagging?
But this laziness won’t let me.
Sleep is coming to claim me,
Its drowsy arms embracing me.
So, I find an easy way out,
YOU, are who I’m tagging.

10 Things That Make Me Happy 😀😺😀Tag!

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There’s this beautiful bundle of joy who goes by the name Saba Niaz siddique and she likes throwing around happiness. And that beautiful soul nominated me for this. Go follow her blog for your daily dose of happiness!

Thank you Saba, you’re god-sent!!


Rules are very simple.

Firstly, share 10 things that make you happy.

Secondly, tag almost 10 fellow bloggers and inform them.

10 things that make me happy!

  1. Spending time with my dad
  2. Cuddling with mom and talking to her
  3. Fighting with bro, and teasing him. But, not the serious ‘I wanna kill you’ fight.
  4. Talking to my sister
  5. Reading amazing books (Only fiction)
  6. Playing with Bruno (My Golden Retriever)
  7. Writing, anything and everything
  8. Walking through parks, or hills. I love being surrounded by nature
  9. Cooking with my cousin and messing up both dish and the kitchen
  10. Daydreaming

My nomination are open to everyone! Why restrict happiness to 10? So, go on, be grateful for 10 awesome things that make you happy, feel free to make it 11, 12, 13, 14…. how much ever you want. Tag people you love, don’t tag if you don’t want to, just have fun!!

Happy blogging!!

Thank you so much Saba!