Sunshine & Me

Poetry, Writer life

Birds sing their happy tunes,
And flowers do their happy dance,
Everyone is so happy,
The world is filled with jolly vibes.
Do you know the reason why?
It’s the beautiful sunshine.

Glorified by poets of every eon,
Sign of happiness, symbol of hope,
Loved by children who loves to play,
Oh, how happy are the surfers too!
While everyone switches to outdoor mode,
As I stay hidden and happy indoor.

I like seeing the sunshine,
And all the beautiful things it does.
But I don’t like the scorching heat,
So, from a distance, I appreciate it.
Also, I really hate the crowd,
 And sunshine brings people out.

But if you think I’m an indoor person,
You couldn’t be more wrong.
It’s when the moon rise, I come alive,
I step out for a stroll, enjoy the cool breeze.
It’s when the sun goes down,
Moon and I, own the town.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Sunshine”

Featured image by: Jennifer Moore from Pexels