The Star Kids


Born with a silver spoon in their mouth,
Doesn’t life seem amazing?
Everything comes to them easy,
But do you know their side of the story?

Even before they take their first breath,
There’s a benchmark to be met.
Even before they learn to wave,
By paparazzi, they are chased.

Constantly living in the scrutiny of trolls,
All their mistakes in camera rolls.
But aren’t they people just like us?
Can’t we cut them some slack?

Ananya Panday wasn’t lying,
The struggle is fucking real.
Even after all the efforts, they put in,
We dare say, they didn’t deserve it.

How many times have you condemned Abhishek,
For not being a perfect Big B replica?
Does it even matter that he’s a good person?
You still think he doesn’t deserve Aishwarya.

Oh yes, Raj Kummar Rao , Taapsee
They fought their way into the industry.
But just because star kids struggle differently,
Doesn’t mean everything is easy.

Sushant Singh Rajput died,
And buckets of tears I cried.
But if all your allegations were true,
Shahrukh Khan wouldn’t have his rule.

So take a moment and introspect,
Is it a sin to be born rich?
What are we punishing them for?
Why do we treat them differently?

Would you welcome Aryan ,
Into this buzzing industry,
Without comparing him,
To the king of chivalry?

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Featured image by: Ruslan Gilmanshin from Pixabay