Push-ups with bro


“Hundred,” he boasts,
As he puffs his chest.
Proudly he stands,
As he dusts his hands.
“Your turn,” he says, 
As his eyes gleam.
I take one deep breath,
Myself, I motivate.
My lazy brain, I ignore,
As I kneel on the floor.
My palms meet the cold,
Plank position, I hold.
“Go,” he says, full of encouragement,
His eyes sparkling with excitement
I lower my chest to meet the floor,
And my hands are already sore,
Oh, damn floor!
Why are you so far?
I don’t have much power,
I really can’t go lower.
“One,” he says as I finally make it.
Another one, I can’t take it.
“Just one more,” he encourages.
My face scrunches,
As I try to muster the power,
And push my chest lower.
But then I hit the floor,
That’s how it goes, push-ups with bro.

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Featured image by: Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Almost Twins


You cried your first cry,
Two months later I followed.
You started crawling,
Seeing you, I started trying.

You started walking,
Slowly, I followed you.
I was always better at talking,
I totally overtook you.

You were a friend I was stuck with,
Even when you stole my toys.
And your stupid biting habit,
I just had to deal with it.
All your dresses were mine,
Mine hardly ever fit you.
We were the mischievous two,
Eager to be grown-ups too.
All the freedom we’d have,
Oh, how we craved that!
Little did we know,
Growing up also meant…

Bhai tikas without you,
Birthdays without you,
Weekends without you,
Priorities screwing us two.
Can we please be kids again?
Screw all this stupid freedom,
And all the crazy responsibilities.
I’d choose you any day!

Let’s build pillow forts once again,
Throw food on people’s head,
Lock a man outside the window,
And beat the crap out of other cousins.

Featured image by: Quincy Anderson from Pexels

Stealing Your Family

Poetry, Writer life

I stole your mommy and daddy,
All their love and affection,
Your place in the family,
And all that should have been yours.

I stole your tiny little crib,
And all the onesies bought for you,
All the cute cuddly toys,
I stole everything from you.

The money saved for your education,
It’s for my college now.
Your home, your family, your life,
It’s all mine now.

Dear brother, I never got to meet,
I don’t apologise for stealing,
But I’d rather share everything,
And steal your heart instead.

For NaPoWriMo Day 13, a non-apology for some things you’ve stolen. Before you send me your condolences, this is purely fictional.

Featured image by: Bessi from Pixabay