Mr. Wrong

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It’s easier to just snap and send a pic,
Than explain all your insecurities,
It wears you down, tears you apart 
It just breaks your heart. 

You just want to forget about it,
Converse about anything else.
But all your talks take a turn
Back to the same topic it returns. 

You just want to get over it,
So you snap it and send it.
You had no fun in it,
You were forced to do it. 

Same happened when he asked for sex,
Your mind was in wrecks.
He kept asking you on and on,
Until you could no longer go on. 

You said you weren’t ready for it,
He interpreted you didn’t love him.
You tried hard to explain it,
But he never understood it. 

Finally you said yes,
But you had zero interest.
You were a nervous wreck,
You hated the sex. 

But girl, you don’t need to oblige,
It’s your right to deny.
You don’t owe him an explanation,
Don’t give in to his desperation. 

You don’t need to prove your love,
Mr. Right wouldn’t ask you to.
And if he does pressurize you,
You should know, he’s Mr. Wrong. 

Featured image by: Narcis Ciocan from Pixabay


Poetry, Writer life

In fairy tales she lived,
Magic, she chased
She was just a girl,
Who refused to grow up.  

Love was pious
Saved it, for her perfect one
Someone meant just for her
Someone she was meant for.  

Naive little girl
She fell in love.
She was all his
And he was only her.

Only to be deserted by her beloved
Her fragile heart, broken to pieces
She cried for days and questioned faith
Pretty little girl, she had to move on.

It’s wasn’t easy for her,
To once again trust or believe,
But she convinced herself,
To believe in fairy tales once again.

Then came an angle,
Who swooped her off her feet
Mended her broken her
Reignited the magic within.

Alas! But who would have suspected
Their castle would burn to ashes.
Hating each other, they parted ways
Pretty little girl, broken once again.

Then the cycle began
She fell in love, fell out of love
Until she was tired of it
Until there was no magic in it.

With no faith in love
She resorted to meaningless fling
Tried not to get attached
To protect her fragile heart.

That’s how she got a new reputation,
Pretty naive girl turned to slut!
But she has a question in her mind
Why are men never called that name?!

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Featured image by: Meg on Unsplash