Junk Field Heart


I don’t have a junk box,
Just a junk field in my heart,
Where I store the memories,
The good, the bad, & the ugly,
Chambers are decorated with grudges,
Carved by pins, knives, and bullets,
Some fresh, some rusted,
All gifted in the name of love,
You can’t ignore the thick stench,
Of bad blood and dead hopes,
The cacophonic murmurs,
Voices that just don’t stop,
Finally a strong iron wall,
To keep all that contained within.

For NaPoWriMo Day 10.

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Just one sad poem


In this world of heartbreaks and pain,
I find solace in your poems,
Filled with love, so pure,
Devotion, that seems unreal,
It’s in your words, I lay my hook,
Tell myself, “Life can be a beautiful book.”
Oh man, your words shake my core,
Heal my heart, when it’s sore,
While the world is filled with brutality,
Your words protect me from insanity.
As I read your poems, and re-read them,
I tell myself, “Not all stories are the same.”
I kinda started to believe,
That true love do exist.
But now there’re tears in my eyes,
As my heart slowly breaks,
I read all the Nicholas Sparks books,
None got to me like,
A sad poem by you.

Inspiration: i ask you, oh tell me, what is a love, without sacrifice?

Hey, man! You alright?

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Hold on to the light


All the things, you have seen,
All the things, you had to endure,
Has all together mold you,
Into an abyss of pessimism.
And you cling to the darkness,
As if it’s your only safe-house,
But I want you to open your eyes,
To the light that’s all around you.
I know it is not at all easy,
When light has only betrayed you.
Every flicker of hope, glimmer of light,
Has proven to be so evanescent,
Pushing you further and further deeper,
Into a never ending chasm of pitch black.
Oh yes, dear, I do know,
Your life has been a nightmare.
I salute you, my dear survivor,
You’re stronger than you know.
And I know you’re scared to hope,
Or embrace the light around you,
But dear survivor, I’m begging you,
Let go of the darkness you hold.
For once, embrace the vibrant light,
While I know it’s transient ,
You deserve happiness for once.
And while the night will come for you,
I want you to fight it off,
Vehemently, like the warrior you are.
I wish to see a big bright smile,
Replacing your ever-present scowl,
I’ll spot the fake one right away,
I want the real and happy one.
Goddammit! Stupid man!! Be happy for once!!!

Rashmi, how is this for positivity? Lol! I promise to write a happier one soon.

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The Never-sleep Guy


You say Good Night at 10 pm,
And like my posts at 2 am.
You say you’re taking a nap,
Multiple times during the day.
And I think you lie,
You’re a never-sleep guy.

All night long, you stay awake,
Maybe counting the stars,
Or talking to the moon.
About all the things
Life has taken from you,
How totally destroyed are you!

And during the day,
When you say you nap,
It’s just your smooth excuse,
To cut the conversation short.
Faking the ‘oh-so-okay guy’
Is such a horrendous toil.
Is my assumption true?
How broken are you?
Or am I just imagining,
A reflection of me?
Assuming every single person,
To be as dismantled as me.

Inspiration: Bharath Upendra

Featured image by: Suvajit Roy from Pixabay

Don’t Fade My Friend, Just Go

Poetry, Writer life

“I’ll fade slow,” you promised,
And that sliced my heart in two.
It felt like you pulled a bow,
And the sharpest arrow pierced my core.

While lies are sour and truth bitter,
This honesty of yours has me shaken.
Don’t take me wrong dear friend,
I truly appreciate the upfront truth.

Dear friend, I don’t need your mercy,
Don’t fade slow, just go.
I don’t think I can ever bear,
Losing you in bits in pieces.

So, sever the ties and fly high,
I wish you all the joy.
And if you want to return,
My heart stays open.

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Enlighten me, please

Poetry, Writer life

When you said forever,
Did you mean, till death do us part?
Or till your love fades away?

When you said you’ll be there,
Did you mean, always?
Or just when it suits you?

When you said we’ll make it,
Did you really mean it?
Or was it a little white lie?

All the promises we made,
Did you just change?
Or you’ve been a perfect liar all along? 

Oh baby, please, enlighten me,
As I keep wondering on and on…
Sitting alone in our favorite park

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For, Eugi’s weekly prompt: Enlighten

A Computerized Life

Poetry, Writer life

As I delete your phone number
I wish I could delete the memories too.
Then I wonder, how cool would it be
If everything was so easy.
If I could block the pain, the hurt, the misery
And download positive vibes and lots of joy.
Undo all the mistakes
And live life full of second chances.
Wouldn’t it be so amazing,
If we could format our lives too?
Start afresh with a clean slate
And no baggage dragging us down.

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Undo it all

Poetry, Writer life

I want to untext you.
All the late night talks,
Chatting till 4 am,
I want to undo it all.

I want to unsee you.
Those cute snaps you send,
That I hold close to my chest,
I want to undo it all.
I want to unknow you.
All the time we spent,
Getting know each other,
I want to undo it all.

I want to unkiss you.
The butterflies in my tummy,
As I lost myself to you,
I want to undo it all.
I want to unlove you.
The warmth in my chest,
Every time I think of you,
I want to undo it all.

I want to unmiss you.
The flashes of your memories,
As icy cold daggers pierce my heart,
I want to undo it all.
I want to unhear you.
All your soothing words and fake promises,
Your laughter; music to my ears,
I want to undo it all.
Untext you, unhear you,
Unsee you, unknow you,
Unmiss you, unkiss you,
Unlove you….

I wish I could undo it all.
Every single moment we had.
But if I had a choice,
I’d choose to hold you close.

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Men don’t cry

Poetry, Writer life

Son fell and scrapped his knee,
Bawling his eyes out, he called his daddy.
Daddy wanted to kiss the boo-boos away,
But ‘boy’s don’t cry,‘ is what daddy said. 
After all, that’s what he was taught,
Men are to be strong and emotionless. 

Sick wife struggled cooking for the family,
She wished her husband would give her a hand.
Husband’s heart broke looking at his wife,
But all he did was sat and stared.
After all, that’s what he was taught,
Men don’t do the household chores. 

Daughter wanted a bicycle,
Broke father couldn’t afford one.
Heavy-heartedly he got her a Barbie doll,
But ‘girls don’t ride‘ is what he said.
After all, that’s what he was taught,
Men can’t be vulnerable.

Sister got her heart broken,
Poured her heart out to her brother.
His brotherly heart broke too,
But ‘why were you involved with him‘ was what he said.
After all, that’s what he was taught,
Men are to be Stern and tough. 

He hated the way he behaved.
Each day his heart ached,
To be there for his loved ones, he craved.
But he just watched their pain.
After all, that’s what he was taught.
But wasn’t he a human too?

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Poetry, Writer life

In fairy tales she lived,
Magic, she chased
She was just a girl,
Who refused to grow up.  

Love was pious
Saved it, for her perfect one
Someone meant just for her
Someone she was meant for.  

Naive little girl
She fell in love.
She was all his
And he was only her.

Only to be deserted by her beloved
Her fragile heart, broken to pieces
She cried for days and questioned faith
Pretty little girl, she had to move on.

It’s wasn’t easy for her,
To once again trust or believe,
But she convinced herself,
To believe in fairy tales once again.

Then came an angle,
Who swooped her off her feet
Mended her broken her
Reignited the magic within.

Alas! But who would have suspected
Their castle would burn to ashes.
Hating each other, they parted ways
Pretty little girl, broken once again.

Then the cycle began
She fell in love, fell out of love
Until she was tired of it
Until there was no magic in it.

With no faith in love
She resorted to meaningless fling
Tried not to get attached
To protect her fragile heart.

That’s how she got a new reputation,
Pretty naive girl turned to slut!
But she has a question in her mind
Why are men never called that name?!

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