Batteling loneliness to finding life long romance

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When nobody held my hand, poetry held my heart. Amid the depth of pain and hoping for a change, words became my forever friend. I don’t even remember the exact year but what I know is that I wrote every time I felt a strong emotion and had nobody to express it to. I used to write on the last pages of my notebooks, only to throw them away in fear that anybody would read them. I didn’t want anybody to read my words, for they contained my deepest and darkest secrets. But then the internet happened!

The internet felt like a safe place. I could easily create a pen name and post anything that I want. Nobody would know that I wrote it, and yet I would be heard. That’s how I started posting my writings on Wattpad. Those were the days when paid stories were still not a thing, so, I would spend literally hours on the app. I read to escape reality, and I wrote to vent. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

But writing is easy, being a writer not so much. Damn! It’s tough. Especially if you have a writing job, it’s really difficult to find some words for yourself after work. So, when I started this blog three years ago, I posted a poem and forgot about it until almost 2020.

2020 was crazy! By 2020, I mean the end of 2019 till a few months into 2021. This was the crazy rollercoaster ride that I’m still somehow surviving.

2019 was great. I had an amazing job, I wrote ads that played in movie theaters, and I was finally with my parents. Then, I quit my job hoping to pursue a master’s degree, and that’s when the pandemic hit. So, I was jobless and had nothing to do and I remembered that I had created this blog. Thanks to all the meaningful connections I made here, you made 2020 bearable.

Besides awesome WordPress friends, 2020 was bleh. Jobless and stuck at home, I found the cure to boredom in sad poetry. And I guess that’s when I wrote a book, a poetry collection to be more precise. This book wouldn’t have been possible with each and every encouraging words by fellow writers and readers on this blog. So, thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

Valentines Day of 2021 was when my book was supposed to be released. A perfect book for single people. 101 emotions that they wouldn’t have to feel. But then life happened, and procrastination happened, shifting the release to April 1st. It seemed like a perfect date. A book dedicated to everyone who has been fooled by love, releasing on April Fools Day.

But damn! Kindle Publishing is not as easy as it seems, not for first-timers anyway. I’m definitely going to talk about all the unexpected things I came across.

You can find the ebook version of Chronicles of a Broken Heart at

And yeah, I know it’s published two days prior to the planned date of release but I have an explanation (more like a rant) for that too. For people who prefer the feel of paper, the paperback version will be available soon. Most probably, within this week itself.

To people who’re trying to make sense of the blog title, it’s writing. Writing is my one true love, my lifelong romance.

While I can’t make any promises, I really am hoping to be super regular and follow the NaPoWriMo 2021 prompts.

Much love,
Shreya Joshi

Into fall’s hands


We were young and we were wild,
Didn’t really care for slow or mild,
Dove into love without a second thought,
Fairy tale romance was what we sought,
Our first kiss, pure bliss, like magic;
Slow-deep, then passionate-frantic,
“Better than Romeo and Juliet”, we’d say,
We made promises, didn’t delay,
We were rainbows and springtime roses,
We ran unbound like wild horses.

Until we fell into fall’s hands,
We no longer lived in a fairyland,
Like pretty greens turning orange,
Our chemistry took a drastic change.
You were the one who fell first,
And covered yourself in autumn dust,
Stability, responsibility and what nonsense,
I thought you had gone insane,
But I fell into fall’s hands too,
Once again, we’re the perfect two.

Featured image by: chulmin park from Pixabay

For Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

I Miss You


I wish I were your orange blanket,
I’d embrace you all night long,
Keep you warm and safe.

I wish I were your tea cup,
I’d feel your lips on me,
Start my day with your kiss.

I wish I were your RedMi phone,
I’d go everywhere you go,
Never be out of your sight.

I wish I were your earphones,
I’d sing all your favorite songs,
Change my tune to your mood.

But I happen to be your better half,
Incomplete without you,
Yet miles away from you.

Featured image by: Ayank from Pixabay

Oh dear, my darling


Oh dear, my darling,
Where are we heading?
Cause I feel so lost,
Like the leaves of Autumn.

Oh dear, my darling,
I miss us talking,
All day and all night long,
But those days are now gone.

Oh dear, my darling,
Am I just overthinking?
Or we really drifting away?
Now life seems so grey.

Oh dear, my darling,
I remember me fighting…
Being your clingy girlfriend,
All your time, I demanded.

Oh dear, my darling,
I just stopped trying.
I got tired of fighting,
I got tired of demanding.

Oh dear, my darling,
Whole day I keep reminiscing,
How wonderful we were,
Colorful dreams we dreamt.

Oh dear, my darling,
All your Good Mornings,
Now seems like a favor,
Just cause you pity me.
Oh dear, my darling,
What’s up with us lately?
Our conversations dry and formal,
It’s like a business meeting.

Oh dear, my darling,
Now I hate us talking.
It’s a dreadful reminder,
Telling me, we’re dying.

Oh dear, my darling,
Let’s have a chat once again.
Not to tick off the to-do list,
Not as a formality.

Featured image by: cottonbro from Pexels



As a drop of rain hit me,
Right on my lip,
I was numb.
Right there I froze.
It was like a drop of acid,
Corrosive, burning my lips.
Oh, how it reminded me,
Of our very first kiss.
How the rain approved,
As we sealed the deal.

The downpour began,
Drenching me from head to toe.
Every drop was caustic,
Burning me to the very core,
I was in a purgatory,
Of memories of you and me.
I couldn’t move a step,
Nor find a shelter,
As all of it flashed before my eyes,
Prickling pain that never ends.

That midnight in your terrace,
How we danced in the rain,
And those hot cups of coffee,
As we enjoyed the monsoon,
And how we made love,
As pitter-patter sang to us,
Oh, how I loved the rain
Just a little less than you.
Now, every drop stings,
With memories of me and you.

Featured image by: Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Our Kind Of Sundays


Unwashed face, smelly breath,
Lazy us, on the bed,
Messy hair, forgotten clothes,
You play your favorite 80s tunes.
I climb onto your back,
With a ball point pen in my hand.
Slowly, I start marking all over,
Some poems, and a lot of doodles.
As I keep busy with my work,
As you sing me a beautiful song,
Immersed in your enchanting voice,
I trail some kisses down your spine.
Join me you say, with a gentle smile,
Only for you, then I sing.
I draw worse than a kindergarten child,
My voice is worse than that of crows,
But believe me when I’m with you,
I’m the best tattooist and a singer too.
With you…
I fall in love with me!
With you…
I’m at bliss!

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt ‘Cherish’ and Thursday Poetry Competition ‘Love’! Cause, what’s love, if you’re not cherished?

Featured Image by: Ba Tik from Pexels (Feel free to suggest better imagery)

Loving you, unconditionally


Falling in love with you,
It wasn’t a choice,
More like an instinct,
I had no control. 

I gave you my heart,
Slow and steady,
Gave you my soul too,
Bewitched by you. 

Being loved back by you,
Would be a dream come true.
But just seeing you smile,
Brings me utmost joy. 

I shall continue loving you ,
If you ever fall for me,
If you never fall for me,
Even if you unlove me. 

Featured image by: Vera Arsic from Pexels

Not so cheesy kind of love

Poetry, Writer life

Love, we weren’t looking for it,
We just found it in each other.
Companionship like no other,
Forged by mutual respect and trust.
You never went down on your knees,
And neither did I.
We never sore those cheesy promises,
We just lived it every day.
Day after day our love grew deeper,
As we overcame each obstacle,
Every fight, every misunderstanding,
We faced it, together as one.

I’d give my life for you.
Take a bullet to protect you.
You’d do the same, I know.
But do you know, that’s the easy part?
Dying in the name of love is easy.
It’s an instinct, the need of the moment.
But do you know what’s hard?
The things we’ve been doing each day.

Accepting each other’s quirks and flaws,
Standing together in the toughest time,
And when there’s million reasons to give up.
Finding one, good one to hold on.

Featured image by: JUAN FERNANDO YECKLE from Pixabay

A midnight love story

Poetry, Writer life

It was love at first sight
In a beautiful moonlit night
You stood alone by the beach
Enjoying the cool summer breeze.
I was taking a midnight stroll
When I laid my eyes on you
You waved at me with a dazzling smile
I just looked at you in awe.
You weren’t Greek god gorgeous
But you were enchanting to me
In a glimpse I fell in love
And all I wanted was you.
We stayed there and talked
Talked all night long
About life, death, love
And everything under the sun.

It went on night after night,
Spilled our heart out bit by bit.
Every moment was so surreal
With you I found bliss.
You always said, “love is pious.”
With a forlorn expression your face.
I always had the same reply
“You’re precious,” I’d say.
With all our heart we fell in love
Would do anything in the name of love
But our story had little twist
You loved her & I loved you!

Featured image by: Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

A Never-ever Love

Poetry, Writer life

We stopped believing in love stories,
Sure it wouldn’t have happy endings.
So when we fell in love,
We promised a never ever.

I looked into your eyes and I could see,
The way you looked at me, so intense.
Your gaze made my heart quiver,
Your touch made it flutter. 

You held my hands and my heart raced.
“We’ll never fall in love,” you said,
“I can’t afford to lose you dear,
All love has done is taken from me.”

As you promised a never ever,
I saw your heart break in two.
I too broke a little inside,
But our bond, was too precious to risk. 

You got a super cute girlfriend,
I said, ‘yes’ to the hottest guy.
We went on several double dates
Each date, a major heartache. 

We tried and we tried,
To be the perfect lover,
To give them what they deserved.
So, to stay apart we promised. 

We didn’t meet, we didn’t talk,
But your thoughts haunted me.
I wished you were mine.
I could never fall in love with him.

So I did what was right,
I spilled my heart to him.
He didn’t shout, he didn’t cry,
Just kissed my forehead and walked away. 

Now I stay alone wondering,
Are you still with her?
Did you fall in love?
Or do you still think of me?

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