Happy Whites

Poetry, Writer life

Sparkling whites,
Promise of Happydent white.
Damn you! Prasoon Joshi
To play a card like that.

I salute your ideation,
Creative visualization.
Oh damn man!
What a proposition!

Toothpaste brands,
Yet when it’s happy whites,
It’s Happydent!

For NaPoWriMo Day 16, over the top compliments.

Hey, if someone reading this happens to know Prasoon Joshi, let him know how much I adore his works. I literally worship him. I’m a great great great fan of his works. He’s a living legend, my greatest inspiration, and one day I hope to create some outstanding just like him. Who am I? Just a girl who loves to writes, sucks at proofreading, writes the way she talks; discarding all the rules of grammar).

Checkout the Happydent ad. It’s one of my favourites.

Featured image by: jonathan pineda from Pixabay