Pointless Overthinking

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I can see my hair falling,
From all the pointless overthinking.
As I look at the hair in my hand
I wonder, what if I go bald?
Will people make fun of me?
Are they making fun of me now?
Do they think I’m pretty?
Do they think I’m witty?
For every word I utter
Every bread I butter
I wonder, what will people say?
Am I weird in anyway?
Do I fit in this world?
Is the dress I wear too bold?
Are the words I speak too cold?
How often am I judged?

I can see my hair falling
From all the pointless overthinking.
Yet I cannot stop thinking,
The thoughts keep haunting me.

Written in response to:

How often do you assume others think bad about you and how do those thoughts look like?

Question of the Day- No. 508

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Featured image by:  Min An from Pexels