Dubiety of a Chaotic Mind


I’ve got this way with words,
Is it a blessing or is it a curse?
To feel everything so deeply,
To be shattered so gravely,
Ah, a curse it must be, I say.

But then I fly so high,
Feel euphoric in the smallest joy,
Hope never leaves my side,
Even when despair takes over my life,
Ah, it’s a blessing, I admit.

Only to be swallowed whole,
Into the depth of darkness never seen,
Yet I rise again, every time,
I smile, and I fly,
I laugh, and I cry.

Oh, I’m tired!
Pour me some wine,
Let me relish the high,
And ride the chaos,
For I am, and always shall be,

For NaPoWriMo Day 3

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A Fulfilling Choice


A dilemma I faced in the days of yore,
Between a path laid out for me,
And chasing my heart,
I took a step with my trembling feet,
As I crushed, what set me apart.

Long I walked, with my head held high,
As my soul withered like the autumn leaves,
Soon there was nothing left,
I survived on pills,
Marching towards my ruination.

That’s when I heard a frail call,
More like a little girl’s rebellion,
And I took a bold step, did a 180,
Claimed back the reins of my life,
Solo, I rode away.

There were dreams shattered,
Faith dwindled,
But I ran, and ran, and ran,
Let my heart lead the way,
Until I was finally free.

Sometimes I still wonder,
How different life would have been,
Would it be easier?
But I made a choice,
My soul is satisfied.

For NaPoWriMo Day 2

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A Trippy Trip


You huff and puff,
Then, gulp, gulp, gulp,
Cigarettes and whiskey,
Taking you up, up, up,
You trip and you fall,
Then, you slur, slur, slur,
Tripping high, falling low,
Everything’s slow, slow, slow,
You think you rule,
But world’s cruel, cruel, cruel,
So, you huff and puff,
Then, gulp, gulp, gulp,
Cigarettes and whiskey,
Taking you up, up, up.

For NaPoWriMo Day 1.

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Mad Love


“I’m done,” I say,
Over and over again.
I try making a clean-cut,
But… There’s always a but.

My friends give me a hundred reasons,
Counting all your treasons.
And if, they knew it all,
They’d kidnap me by nightfall.

I have a list longer than theirs,
Laced with insecurities and fears,
Each one telling me to run away,
But my heart is here to stay.

A life with you is torture,
Some days it’s utter horror.
Yet a life without you,
Seems so cold and blue.

I’m stronger than that, I keep saying.
Yet, it’s you I’m always defending.
And when I thinking of leaving,
I feel like I’m almost dying.

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The Like Scam


Oh dear, you wonderful being,
The beautiful person reading this,
I’m glad for your time,
Please remember to smile.
This is just a little experiment,
To test a weird predicament,
Where people like all our posts,
Without even reading them.

Oh yes, likes make me happy.
But I want to know something,
Do people really read,
My posts till the end?
If you are really reading,
For this post, skip the liking.
I just want to see,
All my unread likes.

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Vile Mother Nature


Oh dear, mother nature,
Your parenting is fucked up.
They say, “You’re beautiful.”
And I don’t deny it.
They say you’re vulnerable,
That’s true to some extent.
But don’t you dare act all saintly,
You can be very ghastly.

You’re the reason we’re alive,
You give everything to sustain life.
For that I’m eternally grateful,
I don’t know how do I ever thank you.
But you are pure evil too,
All the tragic things that you do.
You give life, and you take it too.
To the innocent, you’re unjust too.

What joy do you get,
From making spidy eat their mommy?
Do you think it’s a TV show,
All the disasters that you throw?
What reason do you have,
To take children from their parents?
I can’t even list it down,
How you’ve made us all mourn.

Yet you act all so vulnerable,
But, you’re the most powerful.
You can heal yourself, don’t you?
All of us, you can just toss away.
You’re an evil sadistic thing,
Don’t fake that damsel in distress.
Oh dear, mother nature,
Now I see your true nature.

Inspiration: Conversation with Bentrein, read his Spidy Tales

Featured Image by: Stefan Keller from Pixabay



I know you from somewhere
You are someone I used to care
We both were a great pair
I always knew you were there
What we had was rare !!

Then I realized you have an affair
You thought I was okay to share
I couldn’t believe you could dare
Now all my eyes could do is tear!!


Thank you so much WildHeart for the space and trust you have given me!!

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Well, I try to.
I twist my lips to an upward curve,
And I pray to lord that it serves.
But one look at the mirror,
I see a diabolical horror,
That thing isn’t a smile.
Isn’t near, even by a mile!
I look at the mirror and try again,
Many attempts, all gone in vain.
My face reflects the wreck I am,
As my eyes screams my pain.
Oh darling, what do I do?
My smile, I gave it to you.
You took it and walked away,
Along with my heart, my soul,
And every single thing,
That used to be me.

First published on, Words To Stories. Writing for Words to Stories is always, so very fun. Do check it out. Anurika is super awesome. That’s where I go when I need a new book to read. She suggests amazing books.

Also, did you read the poems she wrote for Wild Scared Crazy?

A Journey For Forever


A guest post by Anurika. While I adore her book reviews, her poems are equally awesome. Check them out!

Come let’s go on a journey together,
Where you and me can stay forever;

A place we don’t have to hide in the dark corner,
And can kiss you under the sunny weather;

Alone just the two of us under the shelter,
Your eyes would be my only mirror;

With you being near, I have no fear,
Will go against the world with pleasure;

Oh dear lover, you are my only desire,
Don’t be afraid, we will be stronger;

Everyday we explore will be a adventure,
Come let’s built a beautiful future;

But remember, there is no pressure,
Whatever you decide, I will surrender;

Plz say yes, make my life a sparkling Treasure,
And tie the holy knot in the month of December!!


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Thank you so much Wild Heart for giving me this opportunity to write for your amazing and creative blog!! You are a real gem!! Bless you.

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