Dear Pogo

Poetry, Writer life

Hello dear Pogo,
I still remember you,
Your tiny little eyes,
Squinting at me,
Stealing my soul.
Merely 45 days old,
You fit in my palm.
I brought you home,
You were my baby,
Oh! How love you.
You cried in your box,
So, I put you on my chest,
You snuggled peacefully,
I couldn’t sleep that night,
Afraid I’d squash you.
Feeding you milk,

Cleaning your poop,
Carrying you all day,
I passed out like a log,
With you on my chest.

Days went by soon,
You grew up to a big dog,
You learnt how to chew,
Destroyed my shoe,
Such a troublesome you!
You started rampant barking,
And sometimes even biting.
My fam, gave up on you,
You were my dearest baby,
But I couldn’t keep you.
Daddy found a new home,
For you to move to,
I cried for days,
Prayed you’re safe.
You okay there?
How’s your new family?
Do they treat you well?
Be a good dog dear.
I always miss you,
I’ll forever love you!

For NaPoWriMo Day 29.

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels