A Suicide Bomber


A man walks into a crowded spot,
He knows he’s about to explode.
With a bomb strapped to his chest,
He believes he’s doing the best.

He’s ready to sacrifice his life,
For a cause that seems so vile,

But he believes he’s doing the right,
He knows that it is his fight.

His action isn’t justifiable,
It’s unforgivable!
Yet many follow his path,
They embrace the bloodbath.

In them, we see monsters,
Vicious, horrific creatures.
Do you know, who created them?
Well, we are the ones to blame.

No child is born with hatred.
Everyone wants to be loved,
Everyone wants to belong,
And that child was betrayed.

Yes, there may be monsters,
But mostly, there are just humans.
And in those vile organizations,
They find love and compassion.

So, come let’s embrace each other,
Don’t let them recruit another.
Let’s spread a love that’s so strong,
Something to cure all that’s wrong.

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Featured image by: Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels