Slapping Your Kids


Do you think it’s alright,
To slap your child, once while?
To teach them wrong and right,
And bring them back in line.

While it’s crucial to correct them,
Beware, you’re harming them.
Destroying the bond you could have,
Creating situations very grave.

The fear you instill in your kids,
Keep them from approaching you.
It’s like a slow corrosive acid,
Your relationship, it will screw.

You can make many excuses,
For this old parenting technique.
But understand the dire consequences,
Ones that shall make you shriek.

Here’s a seed you have sown,
Slaps are how love is shown.
For your kid’s abusive relationship,
Can you take the responsibility?

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Uncle’s Little Princess…


Come sit with me, my princess,
I have brought you some chocolates.
Then we can go to my study,
When I’ll tell you amazing stories.

Don’t shy away little girl,
This is your favorite uncle,
The one who brings you chocolates,
And tells you stories of fairies.

Oh, such an endearing uncle!
Applauded the entire world.
While the little girl shivered,
The poor girl was in fear.

Greet your uncle, don’t be a brat,
That’s how she was again in a trap.
The little girl couldn’t express,
How the uncle abuses.


Featured image by: Hans Kretzmann from Pixabay

I Love You Corona

Poetry, Writer life

You put exams on hold,
Closed the school,
Gave us a surprise holiday,
 I love you Corona

I don’t have to wake up early,
Can watch TV all day,
Even daddy is staying home,
Are you a festival? 

I wish my cousins came over.
I’m not allowed to go out,
I wanna go play football,
But FIFA 20 is great too.

I get to cook lunch with mom,
Play board games with dad,
You’re such an amazing thing,
When are you coming next?

Note: Your kids won’t know what Corona is until you tell them. Tell you kids, take precautions, and teach your kids to take precautions. But don’t panic, & stay safe! Love you!!

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The Race of Life

letters, Poetry

Dear daddy, don’t expect,
Don’t tell me to be better than the rest. 
I know how much you love me,
And you want only the best best for me.

But please Daddy for my sake,
Let me off this race.
I don’t want to chase success
I don’t want to rush ahead.

Dear daddy, let me walk,
Enjoying the breeze under the sun.
I’d rather savor the journey life,
Than win this never-ending rat race. 

Daddy dearest, I’ve seen you run,
Towards success all your life.
You’ve devoted to it, all your time & effort 
Could you spare some for me too? 

Dear daddy, I miss you.
I’d like to enjoy life with you.
Daddy dearest, let’s take a break.
Let’s get out of this race. 

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Featured image by: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Presents can’t replace presence

Article, letters, Writer life

To a super busy parent,

You’re amazing. It’s incredible how you hustle all day long to make sure your kid gets everything they want. From putting food on table, to making sure your child gets the best possible education you can afford, the toys they want, and so much more. You’re incredible.

But for a moment pause. When was the last time you spent some quality time with your child? Exchanging greetings or ordering chores don’t count. When was the last time you went on vacation as a family? When was the last time your child spoke his/her heart out to you? Does he/she feel comfortable sharing his/her problems with you?

I know you love your kid, and you’re doing your very best to be an ideal parent. But think about one good memory you have with your parents? What are the things you remember?

A bicycle on your kid’s birthday will definitely cheer him/her up. But it is more important for you to be there? Don’t let your desire to provide your kid with the very best of everything, stop you from creating the best moments with the person who mean the most to you. You see, presence can never replace presents.

Many years down the line, the things you’ve given might be lost or forgotten; it is the moments you shared that remains engraved in the heart. So, while you’re on a race to give your child to world, remember you are your child’s world. Don’t steal that from them. Don’t only be their provider or bread earner, be their best friend, be the person they can trust. Be there for your kid, and not just financially.


Daughter of super-duper parents

P.S. I’d give up all the luxuries I enjoy in a heartbeat for quality time my parents