A Unicorn’s Chores


Magical, beautiful, calm, & pure,
Strong legs & horn that cure,
That’s how unicorns are meant to be,
But I’m kinda different and very very lazy.

It’s an innate behavior they say,
For unicorns to keep poisons at bay,
But this century is a lot harder,
Than those seen by my ancestors.

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds,
All are polluted beyond bounds,
How can one single Unicorn,
Make all that mess gone?

Then, there are diseases to cure,
But where do I start? I’m not sure.
So, I go around pooping rainbows,
While scientists run my show.

Then, there are nasty paleontologists,
And super cunning archeologists,
Digging up my mother’s grave,
I’ve got secrets to save.

And the list goes on and on,
With never-ending chores,
Phew! I’m taking a long nice nap,
Before the world ends, give me a tap.

For NaPoWriMo Day 9. An unsual to-do list.

Featured image by: Vane from Pixabay

Warm Winters & Cold Summers


It’s the same roads we’ve driven,
More times than I can count,
The icy trails just add on,
To the warmth, I feel within,
I felt so safe sipping my coffee,
With you right by my side,
Always smiling, yet so cautious,
Ah! I felt the warmest…
On winter drives with you.

But fate played such a twist,
For on the same roads that we drove,
You were snatched right before my eyes,
Now, the roads are forever red,
Stained in your blood,
And even the summer breeze,
Makes me feel cold,
Ah! I feel the chilliest…
On summers without you.

For NaPoWriMo Day 4

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A Fulfilling Choice


A dilemma I faced in the days of yore,
Between a path laid out for me,
And chasing my heart,
I took a step with my trembling feet,
As I crushed, what set me apart.

Long I walked, with my head held high,
As my soul withered like the autumn leaves,
Soon there was nothing left,
I survived on pills,
Marching towards my ruination.

That’s when I heard a frail call,
More like a little girl’s rebellion,
And I took a bold step, did a 180,
Claimed back the reins of my life,
Solo, I rode away.

There were dreams shattered,
Faith dwindled,
But I ran, and ran, and ran,
Let my heart lead the way,
Until I was finally free.

Sometimes I still wonder,
How different life would have been,
Would it be easier?
But I made a choice,
My soul is satisfied.

For NaPoWriMo Day 2

Featured image by: Pixabay on Pexels

My Screensaver

Poetry, Writer life

We said our good byes,
We broke all ties.
Our memories, I buried
Far from you, I hurried.
I moved on, I said
No place for you, I made
The busiest bee, I became
My erratic mind, I tamed.
Hitting the gym everyday,
Sticking to a routine,
Not leaving a minute empty,
I’m always so very busy.
With a coffee, I always grab a book,
While driving, I plan my entire day,
I don’t sleep, I pass out on my desk,
As I bathe, I listen to the news.
No time to catch a breath,
I made sure of it,
My brain can’t be left idle,
But every so often I slip.

I forget the page I was reading,
Or zone out in the middle of the day,
That’s when my brain flashes,
Sweet memories of you and me.
You’re the screensaver of my brain,
Can’t leave it idle for a second,
Else it’ll take me to the memory lane,
Of our broken vows and unfinished story.
Like a screensaver in the computer,
The images of us appear,
Your dazzling smile, our passionate kisses…
Over and over again, it’s on replay.

I’ve been doing all I can,
To keep you off my mind.
But every so often,
Why do you have to return?

For NaPoWriMo Day 30.

Featured image by: lambhappiness from Pixabay

Dear Pogo

Poetry, Writer life

Hello dear Pogo,
I still remember you,
Your tiny little eyes,
Squinting at me,
Stealing my soul.
Merely 45 days old,
You fit in my palm.
I brought you home,
You were my baby,
Oh! How love you.
You cried in your box,
So, I put you on my chest,
You snuggled peacefully,
I couldn’t sleep that night,
Afraid I’d squash you.
Feeding you milk,

Cleaning your poop,
Carrying you all day,
I passed out like a log,
With you on my chest.

Days went by soon,
You grew up to a big dog,
You learnt how to chew,
Destroyed my shoe,
Such a troublesome you!
You started rampant barking,
And sometimes even biting.
My fam, gave up on you,
You were my dearest baby,
But I couldn’t keep you.
Daddy found a new home,
For you to move to,
I cried for days,
Prayed you’re safe.
You okay there?
How’s your new family?
Do they treat you well?
Be a good dog dear.
I always miss you,
I’ll forever love you!

For NaPoWriMo Day 29.

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

The Tiny Room

Poetry, Writer life

My eyes are teary,
And my heart is heavy,
As I think of that tiny room,
The tiniest in the house.

I heard most stories there,
Stories of fairies, tigers and bears.
Holds my sweetest memories,
It’s the place I grew up in.

I remember climbing on my uncle’s back,
And pretending he was a bridge,
Him make me a plane,
Both of us gurgling with laughter.

It’s also where sibling rivalry brewed,
We fought like cats and dogs.
But that’s how our bond grew,
And now we are inseparable.

But now that room is locked,
And the house un-visited.
As all of us grew up out of it,
Carrying only the memories.

Oh , I forgot to describe the room,
It’s color, shape and smell.
But does it even matter?
It’s the emotions, I remember it by.

For NaPoWriMo Day 28.

Featured image by: Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Reviewing The Haters

Poetry, Writer life

I’d wouldn’t pay a penny,
Nor I’d wish them upon any.
Oh! How I loathe the haters!
Would you ever buy one? 

But, just give it a thought,
How important they are? 
They are priceless gifts
Use them to your benefit. 

Their constant vile words,
Can be your motivation.
Make it your mission
To prove them wrong.

Appreciate all the effort,
They forget their own lives,
To poke their nose into yours.
Aren’t they amusing? 

Some days I pity them,
Their negligence towards themselves.
Some days I admire them,
How they push me to be better.

For NaPoWriMo Day 27.

Featured image by: mohamed Abdelgaffar from Pexels

Far From Real

Poetry, Writer life

She lives in a land far, far away,
In a Queendom of her own,
The land visited by nobody,
Built by her imagination.

It’s always icy cold there,
The reflection of her chilly heart.
But a blue rose rises from the snow,
A beautiful sign of hope.

Customs, rites and rituals,
All burnt in fiery fire,
Only thing she follows,
Is her broken, yet fierce heart.

She clings to her loyal puppy,
Only thing she adore about reality.
After all, her childhood dream
Was to become a dog fairy.

She sometimes wanders down,
To the vile streets of reality,
And in the absurdist of situations,
She’s found throwing love around.

The graffiti on the walls,
Lovers sharing a kiss,
All subject to deathly conspiracy,
Conspiracy called reality.

So, she hides cooped up
In her tower of imagination,
Wearing her favorite long tee,
Ruling her Queendom.

Don’t ask about her home town,
Or her favorite notable person,
Cause she’s been far gone,
Into the realm of imagination.

Outside her window,
Pink clouds float,
And the news headline…
She never reads them!

Sometimes, she visits the real world,
Picks old letters and crumbled papers,
That’s when she breaks down,
And reduces to nothing but ashes.

Then she rises like a Phoenix.
She’s not a Cinderella,
But Merida from Brave,
Strong-willed and fierce.

She’s friends with the ghosts,
Immune to gunshots,
She’s fearless,.
She’s the queen!

For NaPoWriMo Day 26, poem based on Almanac Questionnaire.

Almanac Questionnaire & my answers!
Weather: Winter
Flora: Blue rose
Architecture: Ancient
Customs: None
Mammals/reptiles/fish: Dog
Childhood dream: To be a fairy
Found on the Street: Evil
Export: Love
Graffiti: Walls
Lover: Kiss
Conspiracy: Deathly
Dress: Long tee
Hometown memory: Nah
Notable person: Nah
Outside your window, you find: Clouds
Today’s news headline: idk
Scrap from a letter: Crumbled
Animal from a myth: Phoenix
Story read to children at night:Brave
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find:Ghost
You walk to the border and hear: Gunshots
What you fear: Nothing
Picture on your city’s postcard: Not me, haha!

Featured image by: peter_pyw from Pixabay

Nature’s Journey

Poetry, Writer life

Oh, how awesome is the spring,
Ah yes, spring is indeed prettiest!
Fresh green leaves peeking out,
From a tiny twig that seemed almost lifeless,
And frail little buds seeking to bloom,
And every life that seemed dead and gone
Open their eyes to live! To live!
Embracing the warm- not so harsh sun,
Oh, how each of them springs to life?!
And embrace youth all over again…
A new beginning, a clean slate,
For the nature to start afresh.

Then, summer comes- it’s time to work,
Photosynthesis at its peak.
The dazzling bright scorching heat,
Is time for plants to make some meals.
The delicate little buds are gone, and
Flower are blooming at its brightest,
Red Tulips, redder red than blood.
Beautiful white dandelions- happy and dancing,
As Blue Jay sings its melodious tunes.
Small boys come out to swim,
In rivers as blue as the vast sky.
It’s the liveliest of season,
Time nature works hard and, parties harder.

Then, autumn comes and leaves fall,
Clouds of gloom- looms over the nature.
Fruits ripen and it’s beautiful,
So, time has come, for them to fall.
The dried leaves cover the grass,
It’s time to reunite with the soil.
There are still some greens left,
Such a beautiful color of life,
The innocent color of youth,
But the beautiful orange steals the show.
And oh yes, there’re the gorgeous browns,
Some as dark as the bark itself,
Some little light browns-clinging to their youthful days.
Autumn, I say- is like an old pair of jeans
Holding stories of the entire year,
Rough, rugged and- all set, for any storm coming by.

And when the winter comes and it snows,
The harshest of weather for the greens.
This is where you understand,
How important Autumn is!
All the greens withered and gone,
Only things standing are strong.
They can bear the coldest nights,
Or wrath of furious hailstorms.
While bear are off to hibernate,
And birds fly away to somewhere warm,
It’s these rooted beings that stand,
Through coldest of nights- tall, proud & fearless.

For NaPoWriMo Day 25.

Featured image by: Guillaume Meurice from Pexels