Wistful musing


Some days I wish I were a unicorn,
With a graceful tail and a magical horn.
I’d run with all my might, wild and free,
Or maybe I’d fly, travel the world in glee.

Some days I wish for magical powers,
To controls time and hours.
I’d travel to the past and the future,
Meet people from all generations.

While I drown in my imaginations,
And think of all the mythical creations,
I wish I could ask for one blessing,
To cure the world of its ailing.

Something to fix a broken heart,
Fill it with love and sweetness of a tart.
Something to make wishes complete,
For anyone who truly wants it.

I wish I could heal the entire world,
All the pain I would absorb,
It could be such a happy place,
Where everyone is simply at bliss.

Featured image by: Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay