The Uncelebrated Mothers

Poetry, Writer life

The giver of life, a forever friend,
Cheers to mothers, all over the world.
But this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate bigger,
Happy Mother’s Day to the uncelebrated mothers.
The mothers who killed their own babies,
The mothers who gave up their children.
They have been called evil, monsters and what not,
Their own guilt kills them every single day.

Let go of your judgement, step on their shoes,
They only did, the best they could do.
What would a pregnant 15-year-old do?
Giving birth could destroy, not one life, but two.
Killing her baby instead of loving and protecting it,
That’s probably the hardest decision, she ever makes.
What about mom suffering from postnatal depression?
What if in sickness, she killed her own child.
She is burning in a purgatory of guilt,
Please tell that woman, it’s not her fault.
What about the woman who is suicidal?
Do you think she can handle giving birth?

What about a woman in an abusive relationship?
Won’t her child grow better in a foster care?
And there are so many mothers, so many stories,
Don’t ask their reasons, just tell them, “It’s okay!”

Featured image by: Engin Akyurt from Pexels