The Right Way to Mourn

Poetry, Writer life

Is there the right way to mourn,
The death of someone you love?
We’ve all seen it in movies,
Tears flooding down the eyes.
Sad music, rain and all things grey,
But real life doesn’t sway that way. 

Some people do cry their hearts out,
Heart-wrenching guttural cries,
While some just let out  a few sobs,
In the memory of the ones that has gone,
Some could just stand and stare,
In utter denial, acting unaware,
Some could even laugh out loud,
Upon the cruel joke faith just played. 

You see dear, there are many ways,
For people to express their grief,
Each have their one story,
Losing a loved one isn’t easy.
Just because they do it differently,
You don’t hold the right to judge.
Cause there’s no right way to mourn,
The death of someone you love. 

Some could slit their own throat,
To reunite with the one that’s gone,
Some could cry for days and nights,
The melancholy swallowing them,
Some could act like nothings wrong,
Pretend the dead is still alive,
Some could turn to Jack Daniel’s,
Try and forget the fact so tragic
Everyone deals with it differently,
And there’s no perfect way.

Topic by: Bharath

Featured image by: Mandy Fontana from Pixabay