The Legend of the Brontes

Poetry, Writer life

When you think of legends,
What comes to your mind? 
Sword and battlefield,
Strong men in their armors,
Surge of their power,
Their courage and righteousness. 
Oh! How awesome they were!
There are very few I say,
Women who are considered legends.
But those legendary women,
Were either born or married a queen,
Else she was an ideal patriarchal girl,
Deemed pure and virtuous.

But what happens to them,
The women who follow their dreams,
Battling the patriarchy, every single day?
Well, their character is drawn to question,
Stories of their life is assumed,
Anything to taint their image,
Everything to stop their journey.
World looks at them,
With vicious eyes of green envy.
Or is it just the cloud of fear that looms,
When women are ready to compete?

I’m talking about the Bronte sisters,
Their incestuous relationship with their brother.
Seriously?! All you great literature people? 
You can’t write another Wuthering Heights,
Or poetry, as good as ‘Life’
So you try and defile their names… 
What proof do you have,
Except your own assumptions?
The characters she created, from her imagination,
Her sheer creative power, her devotion to literature,
All called to question,
Cause Emily wrote a beautiful book,
That according to you, is impossible to think of ? 
Would it still be the same, if they never came out?
Would they be questioned if they were
Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell?? 
Fuck the world Brontes, you are my legend!!

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: ‘Legend

Featured image: Painting of the Bronte Sisters, by their brother Branwell