A Battle Within


“Strained eyes, cramped neck,
Don’t make excuses,
You’ve got deadlines to meet,
You’ve goals to reach,
Push a little harder,
You gotta be stronger,
There’s no time to rest,
You gotta give your best.”

“Take a long deep breath,
Don’t be hard on yourself,
You do what you can,
With a smile on your face,
It’s okay to take a break,
Relax, refresh, and hit reset,
Never give up, never stop,
But you deserve a pause.”

For NaPoWriMo Day 11. I really did take a rest. So, here’s a super late post.

Featured image by: Ron Lach from Pexels

Dubiety of a Chaotic Mind


I’ve got this way with words,
Is it a blessing or is it a curse?
To feel everything so deeply,
To be shattered so gravely,
Ah, a curse it must be, I say.

But then I fly so high,
Feel euphoric in the smallest joy,
Hope never leaves my side,
Even when despair takes over my life,
Ah, it’s a blessing, I admit.

Only to be swallowed whole,
Into the depth of darkness never seen,
Yet I rise again, every time,
I smile, and I fly,
I laugh, and I cry.

Oh, I’m tired!
Pour me some wine,
Let me relish the high,
And ride the chaos,
For I am, and always shall be,

For NaPoWriMo Day 3

Featured image by: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

A Fulfilling Choice


A dilemma I faced in the days of yore,
Between a path laid out for me,
And chasing my heart,
I took a step with my trembling feet,
As I crushed, what set me apart.

Long I walked, with my head held high,
As my soul withered like the autumn leaves,
Soon there was nothing left,
I survived on pills,
Marching towards my ruination.

That’s when I heard a frail call,
More like a little girl’s rebellion,
And I took a bold step, did a 180,
Claimed back the reins of my life,
Solo, I rode away.

There were dreams shattered,
Faith dwindled,
But I ran, and ran, and ran,
Let my heart lead the way,
Until I was finally free.

Sometimes I still wonder,
How different life would have been,
Would it be easier?
But I made a choice,
My soul is satisfied.

For NaPoWriMo Day 2

Featured image by: Pixabay on Pexels

If my ribcage were a wishbone…


If my ribcage were a wishbone,
To give a second chance,
To my battle scarred heart,
Or I had some magic potion,
To heal all my bleeding wounds,
I would be tempted to use them all,
To once again, feel new and whole.

But I would fight past my temptations,
And wear my battle scars with pride,
As blood drips down my battered body,
With bullet holes and arrows hanging,
I shall hold my head high,
For all the battles, I valiantly fought,
I survived, and I thrived.

It would be easy to forget it all,
Patch up the scars and wear a mask.
But why would I ever choose to pretend,
When I have a glorious story to tell?
I don’t need magic to heal me,
I’m magical, and so is my journey.

Featured image by: Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Hello October!


Oh, my beloved, October,
You’re a little too late this year.
You see, I’m already in December,
Withered, fallen, and icy cold.
A tiny spark ignited in me,
When you were about to begin,
But well, that gave me a wildfire,
Incinerating, my soul and my spirit.
Now I lay in my icy coffin,
With no sign of life within,
As I observe you from far away,
You, in all your orange glory,
Oh, my beloved, October,
Kiss me with your autumn leaves,
Bring me back with your magical touch,
Let me fall, once again.

Featured image by: Emre Kuzu from Pexels

Strangers vs Friends


When you have something to celebrate,
Or face something that you hate,
When you are bored out of your mind,
Or there are tasks and you’re lagging behind,
You know you never have to do it alone,
Just blast your friends’ phone.

They are the ones who cheer you up,
Stand by you when times get rough.
They are the ones you rely on,
When life makes you feel torn,
Oh, it’s so nice to have friends,
They are the world’s best presents.

But having friends can be scary,
You open up your vulnerabilities,
And friends forever is such a myth,
Those are rare, so offbeat,
‘Cause many just put on their mask,
Till they are done with their task.

Friends are indeed beautiful creatures,
But I’d rather associate with strangers,
‘Cause strangers don’t backstab,
They don’t know your crap,
Strangers can’t hurt you,
The way friends do.

Featured image by: Bhakti Kulmala from Pixabay

The men who feel


To all the supercool badass men,
Who don’t believe the masculinity crap,
And choose to be who you truly are,
Brave, is what you are!

When society told you not to feel,
And anger is the only way to heal,
I salute the men who chose to express,
You stole my heart, I’m impressed.

You didn’t confine yourself to a box,
And pretend to be an emotionless rock,
Smashed the toxic-pseudo-masculinity,
And that’s so damn sexy.

Arts and beauty are women’s shit,
Fights and brutality are men’s bit,
Together, let’s erase this crap,
Humans with emotions are who we are!

Featured image by: Fernando Cabral from Pexels

The Mirror of my Memories


Her eyes, wide and gleaming,
Filled with love, hope, and curiosity,
Such a sharp awakening,
From a deary loop of mundanity.

Such high expectations from life,
So many dreams to be fulfilled,
In such a hurry to grow up,
To be independent, move out.

Little does she know,
What’s yet to come,
Life kills hopes and dreams,
And sucks one into a routine.

In her eyes, I saw myself,
She’s the mirror of my memories,
And forgotten dreams.
Of what I thought, life would be.

Featured image by:  @thiszun (follow me on IG, FB) from Pexels

The Waves


I was skinny dipping by the beach,
Building sandcastles, collecting shells,
Making crowns out of seaweed,
Watching the paper boats sail.

The deep blue called me in,
The serenity, tempting me,
Step by step, I walked in,
Until the waves swallowed me.

I woke up in the middle of an ocean,
Gasping for breath, rapidly sinking,
Cursing my stupid decision,
Wracking my mind for a solution.

I had to find my way back,
Safe and sound to the land,
Even if it means learning to swim,
In the middle of an ocean.

Featured image by: Emiliano Arano from Pexels