Being accountable: LGBTQ+

Poetry, Writer life

To the flamboyant boy from my school,
I realize now, you’ve always been cool,
From the way that you dressed up,
To your expressions, always over the top. 

I remember how we shunned you,
All the hush-hush behind you,
‘Cause somebody told you’re gay,
And you kinda behaved that way.

But now I’m questioning everything,
That I’ve learned in my childhood days,
For they were flat out rude and demeaning,
A better me, I want to embrace. 

I wish I stood up for you back then,
Questioned everything again and again,
Why is, “You are so gay,” an insult,
While “You are so manly,” a compliment?

Why weren’t we taught anything in schools?
Lifelong education, and graduating fools.
I’m sorry that I opened my eyes a lot later,
But I’m glad, it’s better late than never. 

Featured image by: Anna Shvets from Pexels