I woke up to a beautiful surprise this morning. Parneet Sachdev from Timeless Mind, along with her three member committee chose me, as one of the first six bloggers for this unique award. The objective of this award are that the chose blog through its writing, presentation and objectives, fosters human values; promoting intellectual, emotional and moral growth of peers. It’s such an honor that you think of me as worthy recipient of this award, for that I shall forever be grateful. Thank you so much!

So, with every award comes the rules, and here they are! And although I usually am the expert at discarding the rules, I’m following each one of these…

  1. The recipient may thank the person who has nominated her.


2. The recipient should post a photo of the award on her blog in a post.

It’s the featured image.

3. The recipient may nominate as many blogs for this award (minimum five), but after careful thought.

After a very careful thought, I realized minimum five means maximum infinity. Also, each blogger has their own niche, their own style and is perfect in their own way. So, I nominate each and every blogger who puts their best into their blog.

4. Following questions to be answered

i. What lessons did you learn from Corona?

All my life I cribbed about not having enough time to spend with my family. Now that I have so much time, I just want to be alone. So, I guess we all pine for things we don’t have instead of appreciating what we have.

ii What values drive you?

Happiness drives. I just want to be happy and I want the people around me to be happy too.

iii Which is your favourite movie?

The Stoning of Souraya M. is definitely a must watch. But, my favorite movie keeps changing.

iv. Whom have you ever loved from your heart?

How do you love without getting your heart involved? I’ve always loved with all my heart, be it a puppy or the love of my life.

v. Your dreams in life?

I want to write. And keep writing and continue writing until the end of time.

Thank you so much Parneet! This has been such an honor. For the faith you’ve put on me and support you keep showing me, I love you with all my heart.