Lost Veracity


How does it feel to live in a country,
That proclaims itself to be a democracy,
But is lined with a series of laws,
That prevent you from putting forth your words?

There’s article something for sedation,
Secularism is removed from education,
Then, there’s contempt of court.
Journey to the truth? Mission abort. 

I’m not talking about just one nation,
This issue is international.
Don’t blame the journalists for not trying,
To bring out the truth, they are dying. 

There’s one beautiful girl I know,
Seeds of unbiased news, she tried to sow.
But what can one struggling girl do,
When her editor says no?

And the same goes for a million others,
But their voices are smothered.
Do you think the court will help? 
They are sleeping on politicians’ lap.

How many journalists have died? 
How many are declared suicide? 
How rare is justice? 
Truth shall stay a mystery. 

So do we raise our voice,
And invite our own demise?
Or should we turn a blind eye,
And unhear the honest cries? 

Inspiration: Amu

PS. I started blogging ’cause she started to. Also, I got my first internship because she wanted to. One of the most ambitious women I know, and obviously my dearest friend.

Featured image by: 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay