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Faking smiles, forcing laughter,
This crowded world is such a torture,
All the stupid, “Hi!”s and “Hello!”s,
The unmeant, “How are you?”s,
Nobody ever really cares,
Isolation, everybody fears.
So, the cold hugs and dead handshakes
World is so full of fakes.

In places that are the crowdiest,
Are where I feel the loneliest.
It’s so tiring and heart wrenching,
So, strenuous is all the faking.
I just want to run far, far away,
Be completely alone for a day.
All alone, I feel the most alive,
In isolation I want to dive.

Enjoy deep and honest conversations,
With people from my imaginations,
Let my mind soar, far and beyond,
Leave this world’s sly threshold,
Get rid of all the fake socialization,
As I immerse in a beautiful isolation,
Just me, my soul and my thoughts,
Far away from this toxic world.

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Featured image source: Thursday Poetry Competition!