A Woman Must Be…

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Pure,’ they say,
A woman must be pure.’
Untouched by any other man,
That’s reserved only for her husband. 

Skilled,’ they say,
A woman must be skilled.’
An expert in all household chores,
Prefect to move into her husband’s home. 

Soft,’ they say,
A woman must be soft.
Never voicing a word of objection,
Quiet and humble, even when she’s trampled.

Pretty,’ they say,
A woman must be pretty.
Put on all the make-up in the world,
Conceal the blemishes, scars, the true beauty. 

Employed,’ they say,
A woman must be employed.’
Not draining a man’s income,
But earn lesser, you can’t injure a man’s ego.

Independent,’ they say,
A woman must be independent.’
But the whole house can be dependent on her,
Be it office or home, she has to excel at both. 

Don’t give a damn,’ I say,
A woman must be who she wants to be.’
Spread your wings, chase you dreams,
You write your own destiny! 

Image by LwcyD from Pixabay

To the one who already gave up on Resolution 2020

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To the one who already gave up on Resolution 2020,

When was it, the first week of January, or did you make it to February? What kept you from going on? Was it the day to day routine that couldn’t make space for something you wanted to achieve or was it mere laziness? 

Here’s something you should know, you don’t need to wait for January 1,2021 to get back on track. It’s just dates and days, it keeps coming and going. 

You don’t have to wait for a Monday, you don’t even have to wait for tomorrow. Get back on track now! Go back in your mind to the time you thought you’d do it, then what happened now? 

Go, achieve what you want ! 

Believe you can, I believe in you. 


Girl Re-starting Resolution 2020