A Happy Trance


I smile a bright dazzling smile,
“I’m so happy”, I lie.
I coat myself in the happy vibes,
And I am on cloud nine.

I do my jolly happy dance,
Dive deeper into my happy trance.
“Oh, I’m so happy,” I scream,
Happiness bubbling to the brim.

I sing cute nursery rhymes,
And I pretend to be a child.
As the pretty windchime chimes,
I jump in joy and smile wide.

And after a beautiful happy day,
On my cozy bed, I lay.
Slowly my energy seeps away,
And I’m embraced by reality.

With no power to hold on,
Shattered is my illusion.
I had no reason to be happy,
I did a great job fooling myself.

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Featured image by: Messan Edoh from Pixabay