Chasing Joy

Poetry, Writer life

Are you waiting for Saturday,
For a beautiful lazy morning sleep?
Or saving up a long trip,
To share some laughter with your peeps?

Ah! And there is this promotion,
You’ve pining for so long.
And if you get that raise,
You’ll be the happiest person in earth. 

But oh well, this is a shocking news!
When did happiness become a competition?
When did happiness come at a price?
How did happiness become rare?

So, take a chill pill dear,
And enjoy life as it goes.
Cause happiness comes from within,
And finding joy in little things.

The beautiful summer breeze,
As you drive to your office,
Let it be your ‘me-time’
Capture your happy vibes. 

30 seconds of phone call
To your long forgotten friend,
Let it turn your frown upside down,
You don’t need a trip to Moscow.

Jolly vibes can be found every where,
Staying there, waiting for you.
You don’t need to go chasing for it,
You just need to open your eyes. 

For NaPoWriMo Day 18, an ode to life’s small pleasures

Featured image by: Myriam Zilles from Pixabay