I’m Happy


Fake it until you make it,
Does it work with happiness too?
Cause I put on a smile all day long,
As my heart bleeds the saddest songs.
I’m happier than I’ve ever been;
This is the most beautiful day I’ve seen.
I keep telling these lies to myself,
In hope that they come true someday.
I cry myself to sleep at night,
I dread the glimmering morning light.
Some days I just want to slit my wrist,
Give this life a bloody twist.
Oh, I wish to be buried deep,
Six feet under, I want to sleep.
But I wake up every single day,
And plaster a smile on my face.
“I’m happy,” I say.
“I’m okay,” I lie.

Featured image by: Dalila Dalprat from Pexels

A Happy Trance


I smile a bright dazzling smile,
“I’m so happy”, I lie.
I coat myself in the happy vibes,
And I am on cloud nine.

I do my jolly happy dance,
Dive deeper into my happy trance.
“Oh, I’m so happy,” I scream,
Happiness bubbling to the brim.

I sing cute nursery rhymes,
And I pretend to be a child.
As the pretty windchime chimes,
I jump in joy and smile wide.

And after a beautiful happy day,
On my cozy bed, I lay.
Slowly my energy seeps away,
And I’m embraced by reality.

With no power to hold on,
Shattered is my illusion.
I had no reason to be happy,
I did a great job fooling myself.

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Featured image by: Messan Edoh from Pixabay

Sunshine & Me

Poetry, Writer life

Birds sing their happy tunes,
And flowers do their happy dance,
Everyone is so happy,
The world is filled with jolly vibes.
Do you know the reason why?
It’s the beautiful sunshine.

Glorified by poets of every eon,
Sign of happiness, symbol of hope,
Loved by children who loves to play,
Oh, how happy are the surfers too!
While everyone switches to outdoor mode,
As I stay hidden and happy indoor.

I like seeing the sunshine,
And all the beautiful things it does.
But I don’t like the scorching heat,
So, from a distance, I appreciate it.
Also, I really hate the crowd,
 And sunshine brings people out.

But if you think I’m an indoor person,
You couldn’t be more wrong.
It’s when the moon rise, I come alive,
I step out for a stroll, enjoy the cool breeze.
It’s when the sun goes down,
Moon and I, own the town.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Sunshine”

Featured image by: Jennifer Moore from Pexels

10 Things That Make Me Happy 😀😺😀Tag!

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There’s this beautiful bundle of joy who goes by the name Saba Niaz siddique and she likes throwing around happiness. And that beautiful soul nominated me for this. Go follow her blog for your daily dose of happiness!

Thank you Saba, you’re god-sent!!


Rules are very simple.

Firstly, share 10 things that make you happy.

Secondly, tag almost 10 fellow bloggers and inform them.

10 things that make me happy!

  1. Spending time with my dad
  2. Cuddling with mom and talking to her
  3. Fighting with bro, and teasing him. But, not the serious ‘I wanna kill you’ fight.
  4. Talking to my sister
  5. Reading amazing books (Only fiction)
  6. Playing with Bruno (My Golden Retriever)
  7. Writing, anything and everything
  8. Walking through parks, or hills. I love being surrounded by nature
  9. Cooking with my cousin and messing up both dish and the kitchen
  10. Daydreaming

My nomination are open to everyone! Why restrict happiness to 10? So, go on, be grateful for 10 awesome things that make you happy, feel free to make it 11, 12, 13, 14…. how much ever you want. Tag people you love, don’t tag if you don’t want to, just have fun!!

Happy blogging!!

Thank you so much Saba!

I love you!

Poetry, Writer life

A million and one ways to say I love you 
But none seems to suit you. 

I’d go down on my knees for you,
But that’s too cliched. 
You deserve something more intricate, 
Something original, just as you are. 

I’d promise you a life time,
But that would be the greatest lie.
For neither you nor I,
Know what the future holds. 

I’d say I’ll keep you happy,
But I’ve let you down too many times.
And as much as I’d try,
I’d don’t trust myself. 

I’d say you’re the reason I smile, 
But you’re also the reason I cry.
You’ve hurt me like no one else,
We’ve had good days and bad days. 

I’d write you a poetry,
But words are too less to describe you.
I’d give you a bouquet of roses,
But that would just dry away. 

So darling, can you just read my eyes?
Hear the words unsaid & feelings unexpressed. 

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels