“Be Practical”, they say.

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Up in the clouds I live,
Along with the birds I fly,
I wink at the twinkling stars,
As I twirl on the moon.
In my dreams I live,
Towards my goal I run

“Be practical”, they say.

You’re destined to fail,
You’re on the dooms way.
Are you foolish or are you crazy?
Why don’t you understand?
Dreams don’t fill your tummy,
You’ll end up in road hungry.
Don’t be so impractical!
World doesn’t work that way.

“Be practical”, they say.

But there a flame in my heart,
And a vision in my mind.
Even when I’m directionless,
I’ve my destination in my mind,
I’ve dreams to accomplish.
So, I unhear all their fake concern.

“Be practical”, they say.

My attempt at Bop Poem. Inspiration: Whittled Words by Brad, as always!

Featured image by: Jansel Ferma from Pexels

Iron-willed Dreamer

Poetry, Writer life

A beautiful dream she chased,
Hindrance she faced.
With the world against her passion,
Raging tension.
Even with the blood-trickling punch,
She didn’t budge.
Towards her dreams, she took a lunge.
Determined, she never gave up,
Strong against every hiccup,
Hindrance she faced, raging tension, she didn’t budge.

My attempt at Ovillejo Poem. Inspiration? Brad, as always.

Featured image by: Ichad Windhiagiri from Pexels

To the one who already gave up on Resolution 2020

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To the one who already gave up on Resolution 2020,

When was it, the first week of January, or did you make it to February? What kept you from going on? Was it the day to day routine that couldn’t make space for something you wanted to achieve or was it mere laziness? 

Here’s something you should know, you don’t need to wait for January 1,2021 to get back on track. It’s just dates and days, it keeps coming and going. 

You don’t have to wait for a Monday, you don’t even have to wait for tomorrow. Get back on track now! Go back in your mind to the time you thought you’d do it, then what happened now? 

Go, achieve what you want ! 

Believe you can, I believe in you. 


Girl Re-starting Resolution 2020