Do Your Make-up, Girl


You don’t know how to put a lipstick?
I can’t even believe it!
I put a lipstick when I was six,
And eye shadow is an easy trick.

Put some make-up, girl,
Conceal your marks and your scars.
You look prettier, cladded like a doll,
Red lips, rosy cheeks kinda stuff.

But why?”, is what I wanna ask,
I feel comfortable without it.
And, why should I wear high heels?
When it’s flats that I love.

You like your make-up,
And I respect it.
Show your skill somewhere else
Not on my face, please.

What about that cute guy?
He really wanted to try.
You humiliated him so bad,
Oh dear, why do you do that?

Why is make up only for girls?
Why can’t boys try it too?
Take the gender out of it,
It’s for all who love it.

Featured image by:  Oleg Magni from Pexels