Strangers vs Friends


When you have something to celebrate,
Or face something that you hate,
When you are bored out of your mind,
Or there are tasks and you’re lagging behind,
You know you never have to do it alone,
Just blast your friends’ phone.

They are the ones who cheer you up,
Stand by you when times get rough.
They are the ones you rely on,
When life makes you feel torn,
Oh, it’s so nice to have friends,
They are the world’s best presents.

But having friends can be scary,
You open up your vulnerabilities,
And friends forever is such a myth,
Those are rare, so offbeat,
‘Cause many just put on their mask,
Till they are done with their task.

Friends are indeed beautiful creatures,
But I’d rather associate with strangers,
‘Cause strangers don’t backstab,
They don’t know your crap,
Strangers can’t hurt you,
The way friends do.

Featured image by: Bhakti Kulmala from Pixabay

The New Confidant


You know how fragile bonds are these days,
I get a new confidant every few days.
It’s gut-wrenching and heart-breaking,
In blink of an eye, people are changing.

But will you please stay,
And promise to not go away?
But do words even matter,
You’ll be gone few days later.

I’ll be spilling my secrets all over again,
Talking about joys and all my pain,
And I’ll be making the same wish again,
To have one true friend, that stays.

Few less texts with every passing day,
And our talks are just getting mundane;
I can almost see two different routes,
And the junction where we say adieu.

But hey, my almost old confidant,
Can we make this aberrant?
Let’s break this vicious cycle,
Please don’t go, just stay.

Featured image by: Anna Shvets from Pexels

The Human Diary


We talk all day long,
And I find it beautiful.
How I can tell you anything,
And rant about life.

I pour out my insecurities,
Tell you my deepest secrets.
Damn! How did we get so close?
Why do I trust you so much?

From fights with my boyfriend,
To issues with my family,
I tell you literally everything,
You’re my human personal diary.

Yet some days I just stare,
At your name on my phone.
I fear texting a simple, “Hi!”
Don’t want to be intrusive.

I guess there is a line,
That we all draw.
Intentionally, or not,
We are all bound.

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The Lost Friend

Poetry, Writer life

Oh, dear boy, you had such a beautiful smile,
One that shone bright through your eyes.
Oh, dear boy, you were such a kind soul,
Wild, free and out of control.
You were so carefree, I envied you
Always surrounded by jolly hues.
But then, tragedy stuck you like lightening,
Stole that smile, so bright and heart-warming.
Rivers and rivers of tears were spilt,
But, nothing healed your heart that split.
Now you smile, a smile so formal,
Your dark eyes, make my heart shudder.
It’s all gone and forgotten you say,
But it’s that tragedy running you every day.
What happened was cruel, I wish them upon none,
But what you’ve become makes my heart burn.
A shell of a man, that once was so jolly,
A living dead, faking smiles so dolly.
Cry your eyes out, break down once again,
Fix yourself back to what used to be my friend.
I shall stay by you side, take all the time you need,
That jolly friend is the one who I dearly miss.

Featured image by: 建鹏 邵 from Pixabay

Don’t Fade My Friend, Just Go

Poetry, Writer life

“I’ll fade slow,” you promised,
And that sliced my heart in two.
It felt like you pulled a bow,
And the sharpest arrow pierced my core.

While lies are sour and truth bitter,
This honesty of yours has me shaken.
Don’t take me wrong dear friend,
I truly appreciate the upfront truth.

Dear friend, I don’t need your mercy,
Don’t fade slow, just go.
I don’t think I can ever bear,
Losing you in bits in pieces.

So, sever the ties and fly high,
I wish you all the joy.
And if you want to return,
My heart stays open.

Featured image by: Free-Photos from Pixabay

A Never-ever Love

Poetry, Writer life

We stopped believing in love stories,
Sure it wouldn’t have happy endings.
So when we fell in love,
We promised a never ever.

I looked into your eyes and I could see,
The way you looked at me, so intense.
Your gaze made my heart quiver,
Your touch made it flutter. 

You held my hands and my heart raced.
“We’ll never fall in love,” you said,
“I can’t afford to lose you dear,
All love has done is taken from me.”

As you promised a never ever,
I saw your heart break in two.
I too broke a little inside,
But our bond, was too precious to risk. 

You got a super cute girlfriend,
I said, ‘yes’ to the hottest guy.
We went on several double dates
Each date, a major heartache. 

We tried and we tried,
To be the perfect lover,
To give them what they deserved.
So, to stay apart we promised. 

We didn’t meet, we didn’t talk,
But your thoughts haunted me.
I wished you were mine.
I could never fall in love with him.

So I did what was right,
I spilled my heart to him.
He didn’t shout, he didn’t cry,
Just kissed my forehead and walked away. 

Now I stay alone wondering,
Are you still with her?
Did you fall in love?
Or do you still think of me?

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