My Favorite Fragrances


Perfectly bottled in little glass jars,
Lies the world’s most expensive fragrances.
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Perfect for your posh parties.
Oh, how delightful they are!
Oh, how fancy they smell!
People spends millions on them.
But do you know my favorite fragrances?
The ones that roam free, unbottled.

The earthy smell of the soil,
When the first drop of rain hits it.
It transports me to a different land,
Out of concrete jungle, amidst the greens.
Unshackles my soul, lets it free,
As it lovingly awakens, my dying Boho vibes.
Oh, how I love the smell of soil,
When it’s kissed by the first drop of rain.

The dusty smell of old books,
In a corner of ancient libraries.
Oh, damn just the thought of it,
Thrills by soul, arouses my mind.
Letters inscribed in each page,
Holds a different story.
Not only the one that is written,
But of generations who have read them.
Oh, how I love the smell of books,
Especially, the old and dusty ones.

And finally, there’s the smell of home,
Each home has a different one.
The indescribable feeling of love,
The smell that says, “You’re safe.”
The one that reminds you of childhood,
The eternal love of parenthood.
Oh, just the thought of it makes me cry,
Takes me to a nostalgic train.

Sometimes I wish there was a way,
To bottle all these fragrances.
Then, I’d never part with them,
Forever be immersed in them.
But then I question myself,
If that was a possibility…
Would they still be so precious?
Would they still be treasured?

Cause, Jay Bleu thought I should give it a shot. Fragrances aren’t my forte, visit The Fragrance Writer for awesome fragrance poetry.

For Thursday Poetry Competition.

Featured image by: Valeria Boltneva from Pexels