Not fine…


I haven’t been reading your blogs,
Nor have I been writing my daily logs.
I’m sorry for not replying,
Doesn’t mean, I’m not appreciating.

Before you start to worry,
I’m perfectly fit and healthy.
Yet, I haven’t been feeling fine,
Unknown emotions wrecking my mind.

I can’t sleep well at night,
Days I sleep, I can count on my hand.
Unable to embrace the beautiful bright,
I’m stuck in a sad, scary land.

I don’t know when I shall be back,
Energy to communicate, I lack.
But I shall try to keep up my daily writings,
To let out the thoughts that’s haunting.

Featured image by: Craig Adderley from Pexels

I love you!

Poetry, Writer life

A million and one ways to say I love you 
But none seems to suit you. 

I’d go down on my knees for you,
But that’s too cliched. 
You deserve something more intricate, 
Something original, just as you are. 

I’d promise you a life time,
But that would be the greatest lie.
For neither you nor I,
Know what the future holds. 

I’d say I’ll keep you happy,
But I’ve let you down too many times.
And as much as I’d try,
I’d don’t trust myself. 

I’d say you’re the reason I smile, 
But you’re also the reason I cry.
You’ve hurt me like no one else,
We’ve had good days and bad days. 

I’d write you a poetry,
But words are too less to describe you.
I’d give you a bouquet of roses,
But that would just dry away. 

So darling, can you just read my eyes?
Hear the words unsaid & feelings unexpressed. 

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels