When words run dry


Do you ever fear the day,
When all your words run dry,
There’re no emotions to write about,
Or beauty to be praised?

When everything seems so vain,
And you lose your desire to express,
And when you hold your beloved pen,
It’s just the empty white staring back.

And you try and try, with all your might,
But all your words have run dry.
There’s nothing left to express,
There’s no will to communicate.

You’re locked in an eerie solitude,
No, not the one that you cherish.
But one that keeps haunting you,
Makes you feel truly alone.

Cause even to your own self,
You have no words to say.
That’s my life’s greatest fear,
The inability to write.

Who am I,
If not for the things I write?
What if,
My words run dry?

Featured image by: Pixabay


Poetry, Writer life

You’re always so confident,
So sure we’ll make it.
We’ll stick together till the end of time,
I’m yours and you’re mine.

It’s all upon me, you always say.
Time and again you remind me.
Yet every single day I fear,
I don’t want to lose you dear.

There are millions of obstacles on our way,
And darling, what if we fail?
When things don’t go our way,
Baby, will you stay?

When odds are all against us,
And things take a bitter turn?
Baby, will our love survive,
Forever & always?

Featured image by: Charry Jin from Pexels