Myriad of emotions

Poetry, Writer life

You sent me a turmoil of emotions
Each in different colour
With just a simple gesture
A ‘Happy Holi’ text. 

Your greeting on festival of colours,
Plunged me into a myriad of colours;
Colours of emotions,
Colours of happiness and grief.

At first I was hit with bright red,
Colour of love and intense passion.
Then it was a beautiful shade of green,
Colour of hope and assurance. 

Emotions that reflected a delicate rose.
But then came the thorns that pricked,
Our unfinished story sliced my heart,
And I bled a crimson red.

Then I began to wonder 
Why did you even text me? 
Is it because you miss me?
Or cause I’m in your contact list?

I’m hit with a splash of orange confusion
As I replay the two words on and on.
Then comes a flood of memories 
And dreams that’ll never come true

By then my heart is beaten black and blue,
And the colours of gloom envelops me.
With a crimson red still bleeding,
My heart slowly went numb blue!

Then a splash of white hit me with hope
Like it’s my sole drop of elixir.
Was it your excuse to start a conversation?
Is this your unsaid sorry?

Then came the red, green and orange,
The black, grey and white;
All at once enveloping me,
In a myriad of mixed emotions.

You sent me a turmoil of emotions
Each in different colour
With just a simple gesture
A ‘Happy Holi’ text. 

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Featured image by: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I love you!

Poetry, Writer life

A million and one ways to say I love you 
But none seems to suit you. 

I’d go down on my knees for you,
But that’s too cliched. 
You deserve something more intricate, 
Something original, just as you are. 

I’d promise you a life time,
But that would be the greatest lie.
For neither you nor I,
Know what the future holds. 

I’d say I’ll keep you happy,
But I’ve let you down too many times.
And as much as I’d try,
I’d don’t trust myself. 

I’d say you’re the reason I smile, 
But you’re also the reason I cry.
You’ve hurt me like no one else,
We’ve had good days and bad days. 

I’d write you a poetry,
But words are too less to describe you.
I’d give you a bouquet of roses,
But that would just dry away. 

So darling, can you just read my eyes?
Hear the words unsaid & feelings unexpressed. 

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels