It’s Woman’s Day Again!

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Ah! It’s here again. Woman’s day. Out of a whole 365 day year, let’s say 366 this year, here’s one day dedicated to women.

It’s one day where people talk about women’s rights, how awesome women are, speeches about respecting women are given, sister, mothers, wives and beloveds are praised, women are portrayed as the embodiment of love and kindness, all is done to make a woman feel special.

But then, that’s just one day. What happens after that day? It’s all forgotten.

The brands that come up with awesome women’s day campaign (that run for a day, a week, or sometimes even a month), go back to the same routine where women are paid lesser than men, men are given more priority in recruitment and violence against women in workplace is overlooked. The men (not all) who posted women’s day about celebrating and respecting women, go back to eve-teasing, name calling, molesting and even rape. The politicians who made promises for equal rights go back to suppressing crimes against women.

It is estimated that approximately 35% of women worldwide have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. In the majority of countries that have data available on rape report that less than 40% of women who experience sexual violence seek help. Less than 10% seek help from law enforcement.

Rape Statistics By Country Population. (2020-02-22). Retrieved 2020-03-02, from

22% of C-suite executives are women. Women make up 48% of entry-level employees, but their share dips to 38% at the manager level and continues to decrease higher up you look. 64% of women face microaggression at work.

35% of women have been sexually harassed. It’s even higher for women in senior leadership roles (55%), lesbian women (48%), and women in technical field (45%).

7 striking facts about the state of women in the workplace by The Muse. Retrieved 2020-03-02, from

Woman’s day changes nothing. It’s just another opportunity for brands to market their products, show off fake humility in social media and make void promises. Nothing done in Woman’s Day counts if the things promised and feelings expressed are not carried out throughout the year.

So, don’t, please don’t go wishing the women in your life, taking out rallies, raising slogans and whatever else you do; if you’re not going to love and respect women around you rest of the days. It’s cringe-worthy if you do all those for one day, the disrespect women all year round.

Happy Woman’s Day
Celebrate and respect the woman around you, everyday!

The same goes with men’s day, democracy day, earth day, children’s day, and so on…

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