Dear Laziness

Poetry, Writer life

You laid by my side through thick and thin,
Stayed on my bed as I cried to sleep,
You’re always there, especially when I’m low,
But please dear, I want you to leave me alone.

You do more harm than good to me,
You pull me down every chance you get.
As you envelop me in your warm embrace,
I forget everything, my dreams, my goals, my ambitions. 

So, do me a favor and go away
Don’t come near me ever again
I hate you from the deepest core of heart
Yet I practice you daily as if you’re art. 

There are times I love you,
You’re my guilty pleasure.
But I gotta let you go,
Cause I love my goals more. 

You’re a murderer,
Killer of dreams.
So, leave me alone,
I’ve places to go.

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Featured image by: Dương Nhân from Pexels

A Woman Must Be…

Poetry, Writer life

Pure,’ they say,
A woman must be pure.’
Untouched by any other man,
That’s reserved only for her husband. 

Skilled,’ they say,
A woman must be skilled.’
An expert in all household chores,
Prefect to move into her husband’s home. 

Soft,’ they say,
A woman must be soft.
Never voicing a word of objection,
Quiet and humble, even when she’s trampled.

Pretty,’ they say,
A woman must be pretty.
Put on all the make-up in the world,
Conceal the blemishes, scars, the true beauty. 

Employed,’ they say,
A woman must be employed.’
Not draining a man’s income,
But earn lesser, you can’t injure a man’s ego.

Independent,’ they say,
A woman must be independent.’
But the whole house can be dependent on her,
Be it office or home, she has to excel at both. 

Don’t give a damn,’ I say,
A woman must be who she wants to be.’
Spread your wings, chase you dreams,
You write your own destiny! 

Image by LwcyD from Pixabay