The Silence


I never had to tell you,
That I was feeling low;
You always knew how,
To make me glow.

I never had to ask you,
“How was your day?”
I always just knew,
Even before you say. 

We never really needed words,
To understand our hearts.
We could read the silence,
Like it’s our secret art. 

But now there’s a distance,
And I can’t see your face.
I don’t know how you feel,
Or if you’re skipping meals. 

Now we keep asking,
Every single little thing.
Yet, there’s something missing,
Like we’ve lost our zing!

Oh, darling, I miss it,
Not talking to you,
I wanna share the silence,
The way we always did. 

Featured image by: Văn Thắng from Pexels

The Human Diary


We talk all day long,
And I find it beautiful.
How I can tell you anything,
And rant about life.

I pour out my insecurities,
Tell you my deepest secrets.
Damn! How did we get so close?
Why do I trust you so much?

From fights with my boyfriend,
To issues with my family,
I tell you literally everything,
You’re my human personal diary.

Yet some days I just stare,
At your name on my phone.
I fear texting a simple, “Hi!”
Don’t want to be intrusive.

I guess there is a line,
That we all draw.
Intentionally, or not,
We are all bound.

Featured image by: cottonbro from Pexels

Long Distance Sucks

Poetry, Writer life

Waking up has become a chore.
Damn! I even miss your snore.
The stale smell of your morning breath,
I’d kiss you even with it.
As the first alarm of the day rings,
Stretching, my arms search for you,
Only to realize an empty bed,
Followed by an icy chill in my chest.
And when I open my eyes,
I don’t see your face.
Hurriedly I hit you with a ‘Hey’
Only to miss you even more.

I miss your calming citrus smell,
And warmth of your embrace even more.
I miss our morning kisses,
And the blissful silence that followed.
Stupid rash decision we made.
This distance is killing me!
Each text we exchange rips me apart,
Makes me realize, you’re not next to me.

Featured image by: Jess Foami from Pixabay