Hold on to the light


All the things, you have seen,
All the things, you had to endure,
Has all together mold you,
Into an abyss of pessimism.
And you cling to the darkness,
As if it’s your only safe-house,
But I want you to open your eyes,
To the light that’s all around you.
I know it is not at all easy,
When light has only betrayed you.
Every flicker of hope, glimmer of light,
Has proven to be so evanescent,
Pushing you further and further deeper,
Into a never ending chasm of pitch black.
Oh yes, dear, I do know,
Your life has been a nightmare.
I salute you, my dear survivor,
You’re stronger than you know.
And I know you’re scared to hope,
Or embrace the light around you,
But dear survivor, I’m begging you,
Let go of the darkness you hold.
For once, embrace the vibrant light,
While I know it’s transient ,
You deserve happiness for once.
And while the night will come for you,
I want you to fight it off,
Vehemently, like the warrior you are.
I wish to see a big bright smile,
Replacing your ever-present scowl,
I’ll spot the fake one right away,
I want the real and happy one.
Goddammit! Stupid man!! Be happy for once!!!

Rashmi, how is this for positivity? Lol! I promise to write a happier one soon.

Featured image by: Ana Arantes from Pexels

Trapped by Gloom

Poetry, Writer life

I just woke up one day,
Feeling not so great.
The sun was shining brightly,
And people around me lovely.
Yet I felt a piercing pain,
Deep in my heart,
Clouds of gloom took me in,
And trapped me in its maze.
My heart suddenly felt heavy,
Icy chills gripped me.

“What’s wrong?,” mommy asked me.
I’m said, “I’m sad, hug me.”
She had a worried look on her face,
“What happened,” she asked again and again.
I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t know why I was in pain.
So, I gave her a vibrant smile,
And told, “I love you mommy.”
Then, locked myself in the room,
And drowned in a pool of gloom.

My best-friend dropped by to say, “Hi.”
I told her I was sad and lonely.
She tried so hard to cheer me,
Even threw me a party.
All the happy people around,
Just made me wanna frown.
But I couldn’t let her down.
So, I faked a happy smile.
I danced, laughed, even joked,
With a heavy, stone-cold heart.

Why are you sad?
Why are you lonely?
I asked myself again and again.
Only answer was the numbing pain.
So, I made it a daily ritual,
To look into the mirror,
Five minutes of smile practice,
To get through another day.
Just didn’t have the strength,
To explain what I felt.

Not following the NaPoWriMo Prompt today. Why? Cause I can!! 🤪🤪

Featured image by: Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

A letter to a bully

letters, Poetry, Writer life

Dear Bully,

Don’t shy away dear or be scared

Pouring out profanities isn’t my motive here.

But here are a few questions

To which I seek answers.

While you go around acting all that scary

Stealing people’s lunches

Making them feel low about themselves

Why do you do it?

Does it make you better about yourself?

Is it how you hide your own insecurities?

Why would you rather be hated than,

Making some pretty awesome friends?

Or do you think you’re better than the rest?

That hurting others is your birth right?

Why goes on inside your head?

Why do you behave so bad?

Sometime I pity you

Your inability to understand humanity.

Why would you rather be hated?

Don’t you want to be adored too?


Just a curious girl

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Suicidal Instincts

Poetry, Writer life
‘Who am I?’, I question myself,
Why am I feeling so dead inside?
I feel tears well up in my eyes
But I don’t understand why.

Then I mask up a smile
And go on with my life,
Rush and rush the day goes
Staying busy helps me get by.

But in most unexpected of moments
Clouds of gloom envelops me again
And I’m there wondering,
Why am I suddenly so sad?

Some days I want to slit my wrist
Or jump off the tallest building
Then I wonder, why would I do that?
I’m a girl who loves life.

I ride my bike the fastest I can
And for a split second, imagine me dead
Then realization hits me straight
Why am I thinking that way?

Why am I drawn so much to death?
This terrifying suicidal instinct!
I’m a girl who loves life
I’ve got so much to live.
Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay