The Girl From The Darkside


Thunder gurgled and the rain splattered;
People, animals, birds, all cowered,
Even the moon, was nowhere to be seen.
And there, in the darkness, she gleamed.
Unafraid she trotted through the darkest night,
Thunderstorm welcomed her with all his might.
“Oh you little frail girl, come back home and hide,”
Wise words were passed by the wizards of light.
“Darkness is not something that you cherish,
Rain makes you sick, better stay nourished.”
They tried keeping her safe and sound,
In the Kingdom of light, she felt bound. 
They used their arrows and their swords,
Anything to keep her from the dark world. 
But each  slash on her skin, each streak of blood,
She enjoyed them all, viscous crimson she adored.
Finally, she escaped to the realm of darkness,
She shed her mask and her clothes.
It’s in the light, where she had to hide,
In the darkness, there is no one to witness.
Hailstones and thunderstorms, all things dark rejoiced,
And the moon slowly waned and went back to hide.
The creatures of light, couldn’t believe their eyes,
They asked, “Who’s that girl? Is she gonna die?”
She heard all the whispers, and she simply smiled.
She was a girl born on the rainiest no moon night.
When the moon hid and heaven cried,
That’s when she first opened her eyes.

Featured image by: Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay