A Tribute To The COVID Heroes


Work from home has become the new normal,
Many businesses have started to open up.
A lot of us are going to offices,
Pandemic doesn’t seem like a big deal.

We’ve food on our tables, rooves over our heads,
With masks and sanitizers, we’re moving ahead.
But that’s us, we the fortunate ones,
For many around us, the terror dwells.

Small businesses can’t cope with the change,
Their economy has been deranged.
Food on the table isn’t a surety,
Many are dying, many are hungry.

The situation was already horrid,
Even before the COVID.
But things have gone even worse,
Circumstances turning more adverse.

They lay hapless against this trauma,
But there’re people trying to help a little.
So, let’s applaud all those heroes,
Making a difference, driving a change.

A Tiny Request:
Bangladeshi Photojournalist, GMB Akash has been taking an initiative to help people around by providing them with education, helping them set up a small business, and more. I’m sure there are more amazing people like him trying to make a difference, promote them, donate if you can. 

Most of my poetry this month will revolve around his photostories. 

Checkout his blog: https://gmbakash.wordpress.com/
To donate: https://www.patreon.com/gmbakash
For his books, biographies and more:

The Time Has Come


Eyes flutter to the morning rays,
And you realize today’s the day.
The unexpected vacay is now over,
And it’s time to slog again.

The same old boring nine to five,
Small chats and faking smiles.
The situation isn’t even under control,
And you don’t feel safe at all.

Those judging eyes, the targets to meet,
The virus lingering, un-sanitized,
Nothing about today is good,
Damn! The fucking good mornings.

The day hasn’t even started,
And you already dread it.
Oh God! Can you just end this?
Skip to Friday already!!

And there’s nothing I can say,
To make your day better.
But I truly hope,
You have a good one.

Dedicated to every single one of you going back to work today.

Featured image by:  Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Too Busy


Too busy, too busy, too busy.”
How many times have we used this,
As our life turned hazy,
And the race took us in
How many friends have we lost,
Not due to a fight, just lost touch?
Faded bonds, irreplaceable memories,
No time for talks or well-meant pleasantries.

How many dreams have we crushed,
As to some other day, we pushed?
Cause life is just so damn busy,
To seize a moment for ourselves.

Now, that we have all the time,
We flush it down the drain.
“Too bored, too bored, too bored.”
All we do is complain.

Featured image by: Ekrulila from Pexels

After the retreat


Covid-19 has taken a lot from many,
Killed people, destroyed families,
But here’s to them who needed this,
To them, this was a blissful retreat. 

I know life has been harsh on you,
The hustle and bustle wearing you,
Stuck on a job that you hate,
For you, lock down was a gift. 

Maybe you picked your guitar,
Or made some beautiful art,
You reconnected with yourself,
You fear losing yourself again. 

It doesn’t have to be this way,
Take out a few minutes a day,
Stay connected to the thing you love,
To the beauty of life, please hold on. 

To those who resorted to blogs,
Thank you for your amazing words.
With a heart full of love,
I will be waiting for your posts. 

Dedicated to all of you who dread going back to work.

Featured image by: Dana Tentis from Pexels

The Inhumane “Doctors”

Poetry, Writer life

The doctors, the nurses, the police,
All fighting against this pandemic,
The heroes of 21st century,
Saving the humanity!

I salute you for your selfless deed,
For putting your own lives at risk,
For everything you are doing,
I respect you truly.

But there are some heartbreaking cases,
And so many doctors to blame,
Shrinking away from their duty,
Killing hapless patients mercilessly.

Oh yes, I agree, you are scared,
And you are allowed to be.
You were supposed to take precautions,
Not play a game of pass on!

Misdiagnosis, well that could happen,
You are humans, you may slip.
But diagnosis without a test,
What the heck is it??

To save those lives, you had all means to,
But you chose not to.
Humiliated the already tensed family,
You fucking killed humanity!

Don’t you dare call yourselves doctors,
You are not even humans,
But if still put on that tag proudly,
Well, fuck you doctors!

For NaPoRiMo Day Seven. A poem based on a news article. Give the following heart-wrenching incident a read.

The hospital told him the next day that he was infected with COVID-19 and used police force to throw him out. He visited other hospitals in Birgunj, but they declined to treat him as BNMCTH had told them about his health condition. So he was rushed to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, but it was too late. A COVID-19 test performed by TUTH on the man later turned out to be negative.



Poetry, Writer life

Corona, corona, corona,
The world is in trauma.

Everyone everywhere
Is now living in fear. 

Don’t come near
Keep distance dear. 

Wash your hands
Use disinfectants.

People dying
And panic buying. 

But just hold on tight
It’ll be alright. 

It’s hard time. But don’t be scared, it’ll be alright. Stay safe. Loads of love to you!
This poem is inspired by Brad Osborne‘s post Whittled Words- Skeltonic Verse.