Too Busy


Too busy, too busy, too busy.”
How many times have we used this,
As our life turned hazy,
And the race took us in
How many friends have we lost,
Not due to a fight, just lost touch?
Faded bonds, irreplaceable memories,
No time for talks or well-meant pleasantries.

How many dreams have we crushed,
As to some other day, we pushed?
Cause life is just so damn busy,
To seize a moment for ourselves.

Now, that we have all the time,
We flush it down the drain.
“Too bored, too bored, too bored.”
All we do is complain.

Featured image by: Ekrulila from Pexels

Quiet Mangalbazar

Poetry, Writer life

Bikes honking and people chattering,
There weren’t any, it was mesmerizing.
The surreal beauty of Mangalbazar,
I was stunned, even amazed
It is a privilege, I must say,
Soaking in the glory of this mystique.
It was as if the fables had come to life,
Until I was hit by a heart sinking dread.
The last time I saw this place empty,
Earth was shaking, monuments were crumbling,
Life was a misery, 25th of April 2015
I like the silence, but Mangalbazar; it’s better crowded.
When this is all over, I’ll be here once again
Embracing the ever-so-crowded heart of the city! 

Shot on One Plus

I Love You Corona

Poetry, Writer life

You put exams on hold,
Closed the school,
Gave us a surprise holiday,
 I love you Corona

I don’t have to wake up early,
Can watch TV all day,
Even daddy is staying home,
Are you a festival? 

I wish my cousins came over.
I’m not allowed to go out,
I wanna go play football,
But FIFA 20 is great too.

I get to cook lunch with mom,
Play board games with dad,
You’re such an amazing thing,
When are you coming next?

Note: Your kids won’t know what Corona is until you tell them. Tell you kids, take precautions, and teach your kids to take precautions. But don’t panic, & stay safe! Love you!!

Featured image by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


Poetry, Writer life

Corona, corona, corona,
The world is in trauma.

Everyone everywhere
Is now living in fear. 

Don’t come near
Keep distance dear. 

Wash your hands
Use disinfectants.

People dying
And panic buying. 

But just hold on tight
It’ll be alright. 

It’s hard time. But don’t be scared, it’ll be alright. Stay safe. Loads of love to you!
This poem is inspired by Brad Osborne‘s post Whittled Words- Skeltonic Verse.