Mr. Wrong

Poetry, Writer life

It’s easier to just snap and send a pic,
Than explain all your insecurities,
It wears you down, tears you apart 
It just breaks your heart. 

You just want to forget about it,
Converse about anything else.
But all your talks take a turn
Back to the same topic it returns. 

You just want to get over it,
So you snap it and send it.
You had no fun in it,
You were forced to do it. 

Same happened when he asked for sex,
Your mind was in wrecks.
He kept asking you on and on,
Until you could no longer go on. 

You said you weren’t ready for it,
He interpreted you didn’t love him.
You tried hard to explain it,
But he never understood it. 

Finally you said yes,
But you had zero interest.
You were a nervous wreck,
You hated the sex. 

But girl, you don’t need to oblige,
It’s your right to deny.
You don’t owe him an explanation,
Don’t give in to his desperation. 

You don’t need to prove your love,
Mr. Right wouldn’t ask you to.
And if he does pressurize you,
You should know, he’s Mr. Wrong. 

Featured image by: Narcis Ciocan from Pixabay