The Starbucks Date


Coffee date at Starbucks,
 Doesn’t it seem like a must do?
Something so very simple,
At the same time so elite.
Especially for broke college students,
It’s saved up for important dates.

Date at Starbucks was a dream,
That we kept on postponing.
And suddenly, one normal day,
At a park, munching on samosas,
I look at my man and said,
“Starbucks is such a facade.”

“I make the best coffee,
And ambiance, we love it green.
Then, why is Starbucks on our list?
It’s nothing but overpriced.”
He just flopped his arms around me,
As we both stared at the sky with a smile.

Few months after that day,
We did end up in Starbucks.
He ordered Caffe’ Mocha,
And me Caffe’ Americano,
One sip and we knew,
What I said was true.

Featured image by: Adrianna Calvo from Pexels